Connected Educator Month

October 2014

Save the Date Monday, November 3

Join us for a Town Hall Meeting to celebrate the culmination of Connected Educator Month 2014

Day 31 Final Thoughts

Are we preparing kids for yesterday, today or tomorrow? Tweet your thoughts using #CE14 @sklahn12

Day 30 Culminating events

Make plans to participate in one of the culminating events for Connected Educator Month.

Day 29 Web 2.0 check in

How has your network grown this month? Search Twitter #CE14 and see what other have learned

Day 28 What makes a connected educator?

Tweet your thoughts to #CE14 and @sklahn12 so other connected educators can enjoy

Day 26 Reflection Time

Pick a Question and Tweet about it using #CE14 #klahnchat @sklahn12

How has your PLN grown? Which tools do you like? Did you discover anything about your journey as a connected educator that surprised you? Do you have a hobby or interest that you could see yourself using your connected educator skills to get deeper into? Did you find any tools or skills that you're inspired to use with your students? Which ones and how will you sue them in your classroom?

Day 25 Connected learning manifesto

Visit the collaborative Connected Learning Manifesto add your "I believe" statements or your strong assertations.

Day 22 Collaboration with Google docs

Today I shared a Google Side Show with Staff. We are collaborating and sharing the Google Apps we use professionally and with students. Get Connected and share a Gogle Doc with someone today! Sharon

Day 21 Voicethread

Voice Thread Basics

What is a VoiceThread
Voicethread use in classrooms
Day 20 Onlinecommunities

Explore a Community Directory of the most notable online educational communities

Day 19 Month long forums

Visit the Connected Educator Month 2014 Calendar

Day 18 Social networking

Join Edweb a a professional social networkfor he education community

Day 17 Social Bookmarking

Using diigo as a part of your personal learning network

Day 16 Future Ready

Future Ready District Pledge

Day 15 Become a blogger

The Fischbowl - Karl Fisch

What is a Blog
Day 14 Get a Blog

Edublogs Teacher Challenges Free professional learning for educators by educators.

Day 12 Webinars

Connected Learner Experience

Wikis in Plain English
Day 10 Photo sharing

18 Ways to Use Flickr in School

Day 9 Tell your story

Vimeo has free instructional videos!

Day 8 Digital Storytelling

50+ Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story

Day 7 YouTube

YouTube - online video sharing

Day 6 Become a Facebookworm

Click here to create a Facebook account.

Day 5 Twitter Chats

Click here to Learn - How to get the most out of participating in a Twitter chat.

Day 4 #Hashtags

Click here to Look at - A List of Twitter Hashtags for Education

#INeLearn Chat Blog

Click here to Learn - What is a Hashtag?

Twitter Hashtags - What Are They, How To Create Your Own - by Mari Smith
Why be a connected educator?
Day 3 - Twitter

New to Twitter? Start by Creating an account at then start Following: @snbeach @edconnectr @ascd @plpnetwork @cueinc @E_Sheninger @sklahn12 My favorites: @jmattmiller @INeLearn @mrg_3 @coachp425 @burgessdave @E_Sheninger

Using Twitter effectively in education - with Alec Couros
Day 2 - What is Web 2.0?

Use Google Drive to Create and Share information. It's easy and fun!

Did You Know 4.0
Meet the new Google Drive

Day 1 - Get Connected with a Personal Learning Network (PLN)

Will Richardson - Personal Learning Networks

A Note from Sharon

You are invited to join millions of educators and others around the world in celebrating Connected Educators Month this October 2014. Begin by creating a Twitter account and start following @sklahn12. Next, participate in a Twitter Chat using hashtag #CE14 #ICEIndiana #INeLearn , or open a Pinterest account and create a board to share ideas! Hope you will participate and start building your Professional/Personal Learning Network (PLN). Sharon