TerraNichol Academy of the Arts

Weekly Blog January 12-16th, 2015

International Creativity Month

The creative bug has stung all around the school! Have you been bit yet??? The students are showing their artistic sides in both the indoor and outdoor learning labs. The dot project was in full effect this week as students left their mark in the atelier (art studio), creating paintings using a variety of materials to make prints. Outdoors students used watercolors and caps to create colorful paintings. Students also worked as a group on large dot murals called our One Dot Cooperative Mural. Students were encouraged to just make a mark and see where it takes you.

A Doodle a Day

Doodle Project 2015

Did you a doodle a day, keeps the doctor away? Students participated in using squeeze doodle paints to create unique masterpieces. We also created doodle obstacles as students made squiggly paths around block obstacles. Great for building fine motor and hand eye coordination while being creative!

More Learning Lab Discovery

The discovery and exploration are endless. Students have been using epsom salt to practice writing letters and then filling in with pom poms! Gak exploration is always a favorite as students stretch, mold, squish and cut the goopy substance! The hermit crabs Fancy and Art Splash have been receiving lots of extra love and care as students have been building ramps, tunnels and houses for them to climb through. We really have 2 of the happiest hermit crabs ever!

A few notes

-School will be closed on Monday January 19th for MLK Jr. Day

-Violinist Keven Aland will be visiting the school on January 20th to share his talent with our students

-School Spirit Day January 20th. Wear your green school spirit shirt!!!

-Calling any old Teddy Bears. We are still in need of a couple for our next art project!

-Please encourage your child to check in and out using their license to play everyday.

-Please respect the daily rhythm and be sure to follow your set schedule. All students should be on the playground by 9:00 to avoid lateness for enrichments, projects, and learning labs. Please remember to always potty and handwash prior to reporting to the playscape.

-We hope that you are enjoying our daily karma. Our way of spreading a little inspiration:)