The Five Text Structures

by: Jake Kenslow


Describing Words-

Things "LIKE"

Taste, looks, smells, feels, sounds

example- That building looks tall and Is big.

signal words are also, is, have, has, are


Provides a series or steps-

It can be a list or series of events

example- First I got in my car. Then I turned it on. Finally I started driving.

signal words First, Second, Next, After that, Before, Finally

Compare and Contrast

similarities and differences

venn diagram style

example- The 1st donut was better than the second. They both were Chocolate

signal words same, different, also, contrary

Problem and Solution

Identifies problem and solution to problem

problem -> evidence -> possible solution -> solution

example- I lost my keys so i decided to look for them. Then i found them

signal words problem, solve, answer, solution

Cause and Effect

Presents cause and effect relationships-


Example- I went out in the rain so i got wet.

signal words because, effects, then, resulting