Marrs Falcon Flyer

May 9, 2022

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Hello Falcon Families,

Welcome to the last newsletter of the 2021-22 school year. As I reflect on the last 9 months, I am so proud and grateful to be a Marrs Falcon. Once again, our students, staff and families have shown great resiliency in the face of difficult times. We have grown and learned so much this year and to say I am proud to be part of this school community is a huge understatement. Thank you to all families, students, and staff members for your commitment to education!

Families, please continue to check emails so you are up to date on information needed to end this year and are aware of all of the upcoming events for the 2022-23 school year. In addition, read this newsletter and check our website regularly regarding the most current information relating to the end of this school year, summer and fall. If you have had any changes to your address, email or phone number please call the school office to get this information updated.

Our 8th grade students will celebrate their graduation on May 26th at 6:30 pm at South High School This will be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate all their accomplishments! We are all very proud of each and every student. I want to extend congratulations to every 8th grader and wish each of you the best of luck during your high school journey. Remember, once a falcon, always a falcon!

Marrs is transitioning from a 5-8 to a 6-8 building. Several teachers will be moving to different content areas and grade levels. Our website will get updated over the summer to reflect these changes. In addition, some exciting new course offerings have been added for the upcoming school year.

As a school community we are committed to the following for every student:

*A welcoming, safe and supportive environment where each student is known and valued

*High academic growth for every student

*Social emotional learning and character building

I would like to wish everyone a fantastic summer. Be safe, take care and have fun!

~ Ms. Barone

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Marrs Soccer Champs!

Playing this soccer season gave the students an opportunity to enjoy a sense of normalcy after not being able to have championship games the last two years. We may not have had the strongest or fastest squad, but we had smart and hard-working players. This season our boys had a very competitive schedule and were able to rise to the challenge in defeating both Norris and Bryan in the same week. Finishing an undefeated season with a championship is just great! Good luck to our 8th graders as they move on to represent Marrs in their High School. Thanks to all the families and teachers for your support all season.

Photos courtesy of Mr. Gerald Kubiak

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Outstanding Dual Language students @ R.M.Magnet Center

Oscar Zarazua Reyes,

Shirley Sanchez

Antonio Tomas Saquic

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4th Quarter Positive Referral Contest

This quarter, we will be having a positive referral contest for students who are Respectful, Ready, and Safe. When students go above and beyond the MTSS-B expectations, their teacher will write a positive referral. Deans and administrators will call home with the good news. Each student who earns a positive referral will be entered in a drawing. Two prize winner per grade will be selected. 1st prize will receive a $25 Visa Gift Card and 2nd place will receive a Falcon Surprise Goodie Bag. Be Respectful, Ready, and Safe!

MTSS-B Artists at large!

Check out our MTSSB Word Art. Marrs Magnet students reflected on the MTSSB goals and created word art to represent the concepts discussed throughout the school year. #LifeonMarrs
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As we end the year it has been great to look back on all the accomplishments of the students. They participated in many events and had great success at Quiz Bowls, Book Blasters and the district Spelling Bee. Next year we hope to bring back some other contests as well as start some new ones. We were able to offer Honors Special Projects this year to 7th and 8th graders and will build on that next year by adding 6th grade. This has been a great semester with all of the in-person contests and activities we were able to be a part of. We have one event remaining, XTREME Math day, to wrap up the FERMI competition.

The exciting news this month is that we will be welcoming the newest members of the Marrs chapter of the National Junior Honor Society. These students will be formally inducted next fall following a ceremony.

Please congratulate the following students on their hard work and academic success:

Dulce Astorga Beltran

Delanee Bartlett

Violet Casady

Makayla Chantry

Charlotte Clark

Julian Cruz-Espinosa

Anthony Enriquez Estrada

Ramsses Flores-Michaca

Cinthya Franco Ramirez

Galilea Galvan-Jacinto

Micaela Garcia-Vargas

Zoe Gonzalez

Emilio Guzman-Delgado

Ashley Hernandez Estrada

Jacqueline Juan

Eleanor Loftis

Claire-Ana Monjarez-Palermo

Josue Mora Torres

Sarai Orzco Munoz

Alexa Ortiz-Hernandez

Fatima Pichardo-Lara

Diana Rodriguez-Manuel

Melissa Salgado

Jasmine Sanchez Chagolla

Diego Sanchez-Angeles

Jennifer Santacruz Espinoza

Jacob Torres Mena

Isaiah Toscano

Marely Valdovinos-Silva

Alexander Vasquez

Makenzie Wolf

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5th Grade

Fifth graders are getting excited for Field Day the last day of school. As you know, the weather at this time of year varies greatly during any given day. Please be sure your fifth grader dresses in layers to be ready for morning chill or hot afternoon sun. It is wise to bring sunscreen and a water bottle to the park. If your fifth grader did not meet the behavior expectations for this event, they will stay at school and will work on academics and community service.


5th grade mathematicians have been studying algebra and patterns and interpreting graphs. We wrapped up 5th grade Math MAP testing last week. Math classes also had a chance to learn to play chess with Mr. Keel in the library in April. We have one more STEM challenge coming up soon. We are moving on to measurement conversions for the next two weeks. We will be learning to use different measurement tools and converting units in the same system, for example inches to feet or pounds to ounces. We have some very cryptic math ready for the final week of classes. We are looking forward to a Fantastic Falcon Finish. Wow! April was an engaging month for the 5th grade scientists. April's unit was on gravity and was full of hands-on exploration! Students were able to experiment with dropping objects and seeing how gravity effected the objects. They also got to watch videos that astronauts have filmed in space to see what objects do in space! To end our unit, students were challenged with creating a parachute that would be successful in slowing down the effects of gravity. Ms. Nadolski's class had Mrs. Twitchell take their parachutes to the school roof and test them at a higher distance! It was a great learning experience to see how the size, shape, and weight played a role in the success of each parachute.

Our last unit it May will allow students to explore space. We will talk about the planets and what the brightness of the stars means! It's going to be a unit that is out of this world! 🙂


Ms. Nadolski's students have continued to learn more about trees in their Trees for Schools program. In May, each class will be picking the tree that they will be planting on our school property. We are so excited to help our school environment be better for many, many years to come! Trees have a huge impact on the ecosystems they are a part of! Be sure to ask your student about the many positive benefits trees provide people! The planting day will be May 18 and 19 so keep watching for the newest tree additions to Marrs landscape!

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Students make a prediction on what the parachute will do prior to Mrs. Twitchell releasing it into the air.
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Mrs. Twitchell drops a parachute off the roof so 5th grade scientists can observe their effort to slow the effects of gravity.

6th Grade

All 6th grade students are working on their Wax Museum projects at this time. Parents should have signed the parent notification page by this point. Students should be thinking about their costume and props that they will be bringing from home. Please talk to your children about this project and help them get a plan for dressing up as their chosen person. We hope to see everyone on May 20th during your student's class time.

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7th Grade

It's hard to believe we are nearing the end of the school year! Here is some of the latest news and classroom happenings.

ELA has been putting the students' skills to work by reading the novel Iqbal and learning about bonded child labor in the world. Students are also working on persuasive writing.

The 7th grade math department began the month of May with MAP testing on May 3rd and 4th. Please encourage your students to charge their iPads every night!

Math 7 is wrapping up the year with their last two units on statistics and probability, while Pre-algebra students are exploring various topics in preparation for 8th grade Algebra.

Things will be shaking in 7th grade science as they conclude the year learning about plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes, and land formations. We are planning to squeeze in a couple more lab activities before years end!

In 7th grade social studies, students are learning about Russian history. We have discussed the Romanov Dynasty and are now learning about the Russian Revolution. We will continue with learning about the Soviet Era and finish the unit with current events.

On Friday, May 27, the 7th graders will be walking to Boys and Girls Club for the end of the year celebration. Permission slips will be coming home for parents to sign and return to the students' advisement teachers no later than May 10th! Certain rules apply for students to be permitted to attend based on attendance, tardies, and behavior.

8th Grade

8th grade Pre-Algebra news

Students in 8th grade pre-algebra have just finished one of our final units called "Congruence and Similarity." Students experienced great success in this unit as they made many connections to our previous unit on transformations. During many class periods of this unit, students had opportunities to work on "stoplight" problems in class to meet students at their level and challenge their thinking. Students get to choose the category of problems they work on with support of partners based on their rating of understanding of the lesson. Many students enjoy the choice and challenge they get to experience in these activities in class. You can ask your child to tell you more about this activity at home! Students also took the Spring MAP test in math the week of May 2nd, and we appreciate all the hard work our students have put in to show the growth they have made this year. We will finish the year with a final unit on volume and surface area, so you can be talking to your child about different 3-dimensional figures you can find around your home!

8th grade Geometry news

Students in 8th grade geometry have finished up a unit on circles and will be ending the year learning about area and volume. The circles unit was packed full of new learning about relationships that exist in circles and how students can use these relationships to find measurements. Each day in class, students are using the online program "Desmos" to show and discuss their math thinking and they made many accurate predictions about the circle relationships before they proved and finalized the concepts in class. Students in Geometry also completed Spring MAP testing the week of May 2nd and were very engaged in station activities and goal setting leading up to our week of testing. Geometry students have shown amazing progress throughout the year with rigorous course content and will finish the year on a strong note without a doubt!

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Counseling Corner

As we end our 2021-22 school year, we want to send our appreciation to all of our families who have come up to Marrs for our school activities this past year. We know your time is valuable and sometimes making time after work to come all the way back up to school is difficult, so we just wanted to take the time to acknowledge you and thank you for your involvement.

Often we get asked about what students should do over the summer. Keep in mind it is always a good idea to keep kids on some kind of schedule, even though summer is a more relaxed time. Making sure that they keep a regular sleep schedule helps kids stay in a routine and is always good for mental and physical health. There is a lot of free time that our kids have during the summer, so looking into sporting clubs, checking out the Kroc Center or the Omaha Library’s summer activities are helpful in keeping our kids active.

One idea…Omaha Parks and Recreation Departments has nine playgrounds typically open Memorial Day to Labor Day, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. The best part? They’re free.

Find them at: Benson Park, Fontenelle Park, Kountze Park, Orchard Park, Seymour Smith Park, Upland, Morton, Westwood Heights, and Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge Plaza.

If you are part of Marrs’ Next Level Learning this summer, we look forward to seeing you! Ms. Ingram will be on site all summer working with students and Ms. Hernandez will be at the school during the July session. If you have any concerns, please feel free to reach out to us.

During the summer, also take time to check in with your kids about their mental health. Life gets so busy we often forget to do regular check ins, but just taking the time to ask about what is stressful for them is invaluable. A simple, “Tell me about how you’ve been feeling” gives them a chance to open up and lets you know if there are any concerns. Ms. Ingram will be available by email this summer if you find there are specific concerns that you need help with.

Finally, Mr. Ruzicka would like to give you all a message:

“Hello everyone from Mr. Ruzicka. As we close this school year, I can't help but feel nostalgic about this being my last year of working with 5th grade students here at Marrs Middle School. Many of my favorite memories here at Marrs Middle School were working with our youngest students. I look forward to continuing working with your children in a different capacity here at Marrs next year."

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Marrs BMIT

In April, 8th graders Yasmin Dominguez, Ava Yang. and their teacher, Mrs. Palmgren were selected to participate in a very exciting opportunity at UNO called Codecrush. Their mission is to encourage and mentor female students who have shown an interest in computer science. They joined other 8th and 9th grade girls and their mentor teachers from across Nebraska in a three-day/two-night immersion experience at UNO which included workshops, inspirational speakers from female computer science professionals and field trips. Both Ava and Yasmin were awarded $1000 scholarships in IS&T for participating in the program. Congratulations!
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from Mrs. Nicholson:

I am so proud of our amazing talent in this building. Our 5th grade artists rock! The following 5th graders have won awards from the Audubon Society for their awesome bird paintings:
For the first time ever in the 8 years I have done this, we have a 1st place best in show!

Jareth Diaz- 1st place best in show! Award of excellence- $20 Blick Gift Card, Book on Falcons, and 2 Ribbons!
Xzavior Sanchez Sullivan
Jose Fernandez
Jennifer Arroyo Ceballos
Kimberly Hernandez
Candie Urrutia

Please congratulate them for their hard work and dedication!
Audubon Society

Music News

Spring Concert Information

The Marrs instrumental music concert will be held on May 10th at 4:00pm in the gym. This is a change from what was originally communicated due to a schedule conflict. Students are asked to remain at school after dismissal and get their instruments set up. At the end of the concert students will be dismissed to go back to their families. The dress attire for this event is black and white dress clothes. All are welcome to come and watch the performances. Please contact Mrs. Stier or Ms. Srb with any questions.

Congratulations to Cameron Barona, French horn, for being selected to participate in the Honors Performance Series in New York City this summer. She will get to attend a Broadway show, sight-see the area, and conclude the series with a performance at Carnegie Hall.

Students are encouraged to purchase/rent their own instrument over the summer. Instruments can be found at pawn shops or rented through Dietze Music in Bellevue. If there are any additional questions about how to obtain an instrument please contact your instrumental music teacher.

Chorus Concert

May 9th at 7 p.m.

Students are expected to be here at 6:30 pm and we ask that they wear black and white dress clothes. Reminders have been sent home with your students as well!

Tech and Living

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Marrs Falcons soar during the Spring season!

Girls Soccer:

Isabela Agurrie- Whitedress

Leticia Bautista

Arlett Barranco

Floridalma Bernabe

Abigail Castro

Ivette Cervantes

Emily Cruz

Acalia Cruz-Hernandez

Yarely Doroteo

Rosario Francia

Galilea Galvan

Dayana Garcia Hercules

Victoria Gutierrez

Ashley Hernandez Estrada

Eve Hodoly

Isabel Juan-Ramos

Diana Lopez

Maria Lopez

Isela Lara neri

Anvi Lora

Jocelyn Mas Rodriguez

Valerie Meraz

Noeli Monarrez

Maya Morales

Alondra (AJ) Navarro

Hailey Ramirez

Daineris Ramos

Dulce Rodriguez Huizar

Diana Rodriguez Manuel

Jatziry Sandoval

Miley Silva

Micahela Tomas

Ava Yang

Track and Field:

It is so great to be back fully in person and competing. We are awaiting the 2022 City Finals on Friday May 13th at Bryan High School. During this Track season Eli Murillo has broken the 8th Grade School record in the 1600m with the time of 4:49 and in the 800m with a time of 2:11 both times are in the top 5 of all the OPS Middle School runners. Jermaine Green has had a breakout season and has been breaking records along the way. Jermaine has broken the school record in the 100 m with a time of 11.3 a top ten time in OPS Middle Schools as well as the 200m with a time of 22.8 which is the fastest time in OPS Middle Schools. Samir Guevara has tied Marr's High Jump record of 5 feet. The Girl's Team is developing and trying to make some big improvements. City Finals will be a great experience for them and should see major growth will competing against the other OPS Middle Schools. If you see any Track and Field athletes please wish them luck!

Boys SoccerTeam:

Hector Chajal Ciprian - 8th

Brandon Ramos - 7th

Gilberto Ayala Alvarez - 8th

Luis Barron Gonzalez - 8th

Rex Eichler - 8th

Emmanuel Galindo - 8th

Leonardo Garcia-Campos - 8th

Tae Gott - 8th

Hugo Hernandez Lara - 8th

Ruben Huizar Rodriguez - 8th

Jacob Jacinto-Flores - 8th

Ryan Kubiak - 8th

Aaron Marquez-Renteria - 8th

Axel Ortiz Reyes - 8th

Marcos Quintana - 8th

Angel Torres Rangel - 8th

Alexander Vallin - 8th

Ramsses Flores-Michaca - 7th

Kaden Henriquez - 7th

Emmanuel Ramirez Valadez - 7th

Jeremy Salazar-Neri - 7th

Giovanni Tercero Bautista - 7th

Managers: Erick Ruiz, Abel Diaz, and Manuel Tercero

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That's a WRAP!

Greetings from the literary world! In getting ready for the end of school , we hope students have had a fun year exploring and reading books, creating and designing during our STEM activities, participating in different clubs like the Golden Sower club, Harry Potter club, and the ever busy Manga Club!

Please remind your students to bring back all of the books or playaways they checked out during the school year. If you could, take a few moments to look around for any Marrs library books that might have been misplaced or lost so that we can complete our inventory and gear up for next year. We would like to have all materials returned by Friday, May 20th.

Don't forget to visit your public libraries this summer! Students can get their own library cards and get involved with all of the summer reading programs. So many offerings will help to make it a wonderful, enriching summer!

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Music Appreciation Club 2021-22

What? Overall Goals:

· Exploring Music, Instruments, Culture

Explore Mariachi Music genre

· Teamwork

· Performance (Closing Performance)

· Initiate Marrs Spirit Band theme


Monday and Tuesday

· 3:15 – 4:45 p.m.




Students, volunteers, parents

Virtually: TEAMS or Zoom

· Contact: Mr. Hernandez, (531)299-2420 or text (402) 731-7410