Separation Anxiety


*Separation anxiety usually develops at about seven months of age.

*It's at it's strongest at ten to eighteen months, and usually subsides at age three.

*Separation anxiety is characterized by worrying out of proportion to the situation of temporarily leaving home or leaving loved ones.

*4%-5% of adolescents and children suffer from separation anxiety.

*Up to 80% of children who refuse school qualify for diagnosis of separation anxiety.

*Risk factors include low socioeconomic status, family history of anxiety, and mothers being stressed during pregnancy.

*Counseling is the best method of treatment for separation anxiety.

*Some separation anxiety is normal/expected in children, but when it's severe and prolonged, it then becomes a problem.

*Therapists cannot determine an exact cause.

*Separation anxiety is a combination of genetic and environmental vulnerabilities.


I didn't know a whole lot about separation anxiety before doing this research, and I even "self-diagnosed" myself thinking I have it. I realized that it isn't just common in children and adolescents, its common in everyone. Adults even struggle with separation anxiety involving technology, along with teenagers.