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By: Anvay Pethkar


Montreal is the largest city in the province of Quebec, the second largest in Canada, and the ninth largest in North America. It has an area of 141 sq. miles, and has a population of 1,680,000,and is located on the Island of Montreal. It was founded on May 17 1642 and constituted on January 1st 2002.

Climate in Montreal

Montreal has a semi continental climate with humid summers and cold winters. During winter the temperature ranges from 16 degrees Fahrenheit to 13 degrees Fahrenheit(-9 degrees Celsius- -10.5 degrees Celsius). During April there tends to be much hotter weather, and in May there is a lot of thundery rain showers. The annual precipitation of Montreal is 980 millimeters (39 in) including an average of 225 millimeters (89in) of snowfall.

Types of Climate in Montreal

Jobs oppurtunities in Montreal

Types of jobs

Montreal has different types of job opportunities, it has two professional sports teams Montreal Canadians and the Montreal impact, so you could be a soccer or a hockey player. You can also be a musician in the Orchestra Symphonique de Montreal, or be a artist. Lastly you can be a librarian on the Island of Montreal or a museum worker at the Pointe a Calliere Museum.

Government and Economy in Montreal

Montreal's government is a municipal government and has a Montreal city council. It has a mayor, and it has a borough council and a city council. Montreal has 19 boroughs which are administrative divisions in an own town. Montreal surrounds the St. Lawrence river and the Riviere des Prairies. There is a lot of mining industries and factories meaning they have lots of paper and cloth. There is also a lot of forests meaning that there is a lot of wood and lumber.

Education in Montreal

Montreal is ranked as one of the best North American cities when it comes to education. Montreal has 6 universities and 12 junior colleges, and has the highest proportion of post secondary students than any city in North America with 248,000 which is also one of the largest in the world. High school students who want to go to college in Montreal must complete two years of college, as an alternative some people spend it in American prep schools.
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Physical features in Montreal

Montreal has lots of physical features like the St.Lawrence to the South, and the Riviere des Prairies to the north. There is also Mont Royal which is one of the tallest mountains in the city. These features are important to the city because they give Montreal lots of it's natural resources like water and coal. Also it gives travelers and tourists a place to go hiking, canoeing, or kayaking.
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Fun things to do in Montreal

There is a lot of fun things to do in Montreal, you can go and see the Montreal Impact or the Montreal Canadians. You can also go and see the Orchestra Symphonique de Montreal, and you can go to Old Montreal and see what the city was like in the olden days. Lastly you can see special monuments like the Notre Dame Bascilla , you can go visit Olympic Park where the 1976 Summer Olympics took place, and you can visit Parc Jean-Drapeau which is consists of the islands of Sainte - Helene and the manmade Notre Dame, and is a long space of green space with diverse attractions and events.
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