Summer Drop-in Program

Monday Afternoons

my family

I am Annah McCurry, I am almost twelve and I live in Anmore. I have two little sisters (Olivia and Isabel), an older brother (Noah), a scaredy cat (Scamp) and a very nice old dog (Bella). I love kids and enjoy playing with them and keeping them safe and happy. This summer I will be hosting a summer drop in program for kids (4 to 8 years old) on Monday afternoons at my house. My mom, Tammy, will be home in case I need her [I’m sure I won’t ;)]. I took the Red Cross babysitting course over spring break. I will take a maximum of five kids three to eight years old.

Monday afternoons beginning...

Monday, July 8th, 1-4pm

1570 E Rd

Anmore, BC

I will be hosting the drop in program on July 15th, 22nd and August 12th, 19th and 28th as well.

P.S. We have a hidden drive way that we share with our neighbour's. We are the first house. When you go in through the fence, you will see a door to our upstairs garage house. Don't knock on that door, its our nanny's house for now. Keep going, the main house is just behind the garage.

our plans

If it is sunny, we will play outside. We have two big yards both completely fenced off. In our back yard we have a swing set, a tree fort and a trampoline [three kids at a time maximum]. Our front yard is empty. I will use it for water activities: water balloon fights, water gun fights, sprinklers and games like giant dwarf lady and soccer. If it is rainy, I will plan indoor crafts and games. I will send an email with our activities in advance of each session so you will know what your kids will be doing. Also, I will provide a healthy snack like fruit, veggies, cheese strings or yogurt tubes each day at 3pm [please let me know if your child has any allergies]. You can drop your child(ren) off for one, two or three hours, your choice ($2.50/hour/child).


I am available to be a mothers’ helper ($5/hour) in your home or mine, if you need to do local errands or want me to play with your kids while you make dinner or have a nap. I am ready to babysit in the evenings ($7/hour), if you feel confident in my abilities. I often put my little sisters to bed when my parents are out and make sure they brush their teeth and go to the bathroom. I will always straighten up after your kids.

I Love Summer! - by ELF Learning