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1) Droughts are common in California.
2) All of Earth, only .003% of water is actually clean.
3) Common drought : Lack of water vapor in the atmosphere.
4) Since 1970, drought percentages doubled.
5) Climate heat: droughts occur more.

Frequently Asked Question!

Q: What should I do in a drought?

A: Before :

  • Don't pour water down the drain! There may be another use for it, like watering indoor plants.
  • If you want to play in the sprinkler, water the lawn, but not the driveway or sidewalk.

During :

  • Listen to the rules from authorities. They want to make sure there's enough water for the things we really need.
  • Take short showers, not baths. Showers use less water.
  • Don't let the water run when you brush your teeth.
  • Take a break from your outdoor water toys. When the drought ends, you can play with them again.

After :

  • Don't use a lot of water.

Historical Events !

1930: Drought in Great Plains
1950: Drought in Great Plains Southwest
1962: Northeast US
1988: Northern Great Plains

How droughts happen!

When it gets and the water vapor decreases because of the heat.


Meteorological Drought

Meteorological drought is the amount of dryness and the duration of the dry period.

Agricultural Drought

Agricultural drought mainly effects food production and farming.

Hydrological Drought

Hydrological drought is associated with the effects of periods of precipitation shortages on water supply.

Socioeconomic Drought

Socioeconomic drought occurs when the demand for an economic good exceeds supply as a result of a weather-related shortfall in water supply.