Book Main Characters - Kira

BMS Summer Reading Assignment - Adriano Lopez


Kira was the daughter of Seer. She was born with a crooked leg and walked with the help of a cane. She was in her late teens or early adulthood. Kira lived in the Village where Matty and Seer used to lived. Matty and Seer eventually left that Village for another one, which is the main Village the book talks about. Upon the Village people decision of closing down the gates and not allowing anyone else in, Seer decides that he must send for Kira before the Village gates are closed forever. Seer sends Matty for her because Matty was one of the few people in the village to not have been warned by the Forest. Matty goes in his journey through the Forest and encounters trouble when returning with Kira. Kira, who also has a gift of seeing into the future and painting with her mind was able to predict what would happen during the journey. She also was able to communicate with her mind with Leader who decided to go rescue the two of them.