All Saints Staff Weekly

November 10, 2015

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  • Diocesan Updates
  1. Epi pens and inhalers can go back to the kids keeping these items on them. Getting clarification about documentation. Once given direction, then will share and implement new change.
  2. Customer service-Had a presentation from the Diocese of Austin-really stressed the importance of customer service and the role that teachers play in setting a welcoming and positive experience for students and families. Our product is Catholic education and no matter what is going on it is our job to stay focused and keep our students at the center of what we do to help form disciples. Jennifer enjoyed her visit and would had loved to have spent more time with each of you and your classrooms if our time wasn't so constricted on the day of her visit.
  3. Catholic Charities Future Servant Leader Program-Donna has being helping me coordinate a date for this, but we are an official partner with Catholic Charities this year. They talked about this at out principal's meeting and the strength of the program and network that Catholic Charities has created with our diocesan schools. Will keep you updated and let you know as soon as we have a firm date. Will start with 6th grade.
  4. Curriculum-the diocese has begun to evaluate our current curriculum. They want to know the strengths/weaknesses and then in turn how we can grow and be a stronger support for teachers in this area. They are examining the curriculum through the lens of the Five Essentials Marks of Catholic Schools which is based on "The Holy Sea's Teaching on Catholic Schools." They will be requesting items as they evaluate and hopefully make a recommendation this Spring. I apologize in advance if request of items is on short notice. As soon as I know they are in need of an item, I will let you know.
  5. Testing-testing is also being looked at at book the diocesan and state level. At the state level, whether, or not, ITBS is the best test that we should be administering and then at the diocesan level as to if the switch should be made to Spring testing beginning with the 2016-2017 school year.
  6. Title-Tutoring will begin this Thursday. Miss Garcia and Ms. Hataway will be our Title tutors. Also, due to an issue with out of state travel, all travel for this year has been put on hold. As a result, we will be looking into both at the diocesan and school level, professional development that comes to us. Finally PD360, is an evaluative and professional development tool that the diocese is asking us to consider as another avenue for spending our title funds. We will be getting more information about this at our next meeting.

  • Enrollment-We're at 167. Our budget is extremely tight right now. We need to continue to try and be as resourceful as possible. However, if there is something that you absolutely need for your class, please don't hesitate to reach out and come and talk with me and I will try and do what I can within what's available to me

  • Agape Meal-thoughts/feedback? Next volunteer opportunity is December 3rd.

  • Monthly Pot Luck- Decide when??

  • Fire Drill-So sorry that I did not follow through with the fire drill. We had bad weather and then as a result of bad weather, our power supply pack burnt out, so time was spent on the ordering of the part and doing the repairs. System is back up and working now, so we will have a drill before the end of the week.

  • Good Behavior Party- is set for Thursday. Please note a time change of having your students down at 1:15 and determine who from your team will be coming to supervise at the movie. Movie will be the "Book of Life" since not all saw it at the move night and it goes well with the season.

  • Stone Soup-We will do this play after mass. Updates??

  • Staff Happenings Calendar- please be looking ahead at the calendar and mindful of what's ahead, along with giving notice to your families about what's ahead. Staff happenings calendar has all planned events and notes about them for you. There are no changes or updates to the Nov or Dec calendar

  • Veteran's Day Prayer Service- Updates??

  • Turkey Bingo-updates??

  • HSO mtg- 11/17. Please incentivize your students to get their parents there.

  • Parade of Lights- Our application was not accepted. We will try again next year. Still a fun event to go out and support.

  • Thanksgiving Lunch- different lunch times will happen on this day. No Specials. Students may leave with their families after lunch. Flyer will go home tomorrow.

  • Jesse Trees- Any questions??

  • Christmas Program-Committee is set and we will continue with the Jesse Tree Advent play. Grade assignments will be given.


My Schedule

Ms. Hataway and myself will be out on Thursday for a student custody issue.