The god of the seas

Dalton White

About god

I chose this God because he is one or the three man godes and he is the God of the horses and the seas. I am like this god because I am the second strongest in my family and I like to swim

information about god

Roman name: Neptune

Mother: Rhea


Children: Triton, Medusa, Pegasus, Theseus, And many more...

Spouse: Amphitrite

10 facts

1.God of the sea earthquakes and horse.

2.His weapon is a trident .

3.He is second in power.

4.He was widely worshiped by sea men.

5.he over throw is father.

6.father of hero Theseus.

7.considered one of the most bad temperature gods.

8.was not swallowed by Cronus.

9.came up with the creature hippocampus.

10.built the walls of Troy.

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Are the three brothers of the world.