World War 2

By Zion Mickens Academic 3

World War 2 was the most widespread and deadliest war in history . Involving more than 30 counties,and 50,000,000 veterans and civilians were killed. The war was 6 deadly years.The war caused arguments and led to the cold war.Which involves America and Soviet Union (Russia).

America went into war because of an attack on Pearl Harbor. The Pearl Harbor attack was caused by Japan which led America to become apart of the war. America join the Allies( which England and later France are on.) Later the Allies win the war and the Treaty of Versailles make Germany Pay reparations. Which causes Germany to go the Great Depression.Going to the Great Depression made Germany think that Money was the worthless that took them more than 3 years to recover then during their Depression Aldolf Hilter commended suicide.

World War 2 was the bloodiest war of that century. Involving more countries than any war which was 30 countries and 50,000,000 people died.Tragic events happen during the war.In the end it was worth it for the Allies.