Banksmeadow Public School

Staff Bulletin Term 2 Week 3 - 4th May - 8th May


Monday 4th May

9am Morning Assembly (Ben absent - driving students to Film Club)

9:30-11:30am - Classroom Teacher Panel Convening in Ben's Office

9am-3pm - Film Club Excursion (Annie & Brendan)

3:15 - Preschool Code of Conduct TPL

9am-11am - Elizabeth Royston on 2JS

Hsiu-Yen on 1/2W

5/6B to be split for the day

Tuesday 5th May

8:15am - LST Meeting

Debating Workshop

3:15 - Stage Meetings

Michele on 4B

Wednesday 6th May

8:15am - Exec Mtg

12:00pm Assembly

1:00pm - Sydney East PSSA Council Mtg (Ben)

(No Preschool Meeting)

Michele on KB

Thursday 7th May

8:15am - Staff Meeting

P&C Mother's Day Stall

Friday 8th May

PSSA Begins

Upcoming Events

Week 4

Tuesday 12th May - NAPLAN

Wednesday 13th May - NAPLAN

Thursday 14th May - NAPLAN

Week 5

Monday 18th May - Stage 2/3 Public Speaking in Hall

Tuesday 19th May - Photo Day

Wednesday 20th May - Pyjama Mufti Day, SRC Assembly

Thank You

I'd like to thank Brendan for organising a couple of major annual events last week. While I wasn't there for the Cross Country, I saw the lead up to it and it was a great learning opportunity for 5/6B to not only design the course, but to manage the set-up and organisation with Brendan on the day. I'd also like to thank Brendan for organising and running a wonderful ANZAC Assembly that was not only engaging for everyone, but also set a tone of respect and inclusion with the Camp Gallipoli students, Nicole Ngapoula and Nicole Taylor talking about their experiences and what ANZAc means to them. Thanks to all staff for preparing our students for the assembly as well. Their behaviour was excellent and they showed a great deal of respect for the occasion.

WHS Update

I'd just like to advise everyone that the Casuarina tree (tall one that drops needles onto the old outdoor shed) in the preschool is proving to be significant WHS issue. With the recent storms it has suffered a fracture at one of the branch junctions which may fail if high winds return. Its root system also presents as a significant trip hazard and it is home to a variety of spiders. I have scheduled it to be removed next Saturday. I am very mindful of the importance of our trees and wouldn't remove any unless they presented a potential risk to the safety of our staff, students and community. Thanks for your understanding on this everyone.