The Talking Drums

By: Jessica Longhurst

Historical and Cultural significance

The talking drum originated in West Africa. Popular areas for the drum include Eastern Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Niger, Nigeria, and western Chad. However, due to cultural influence the drums have different names depending on origin. These drums are important cultural elements to the places that they call home. They are incorporated in many different forms of art used by the native people and bring the community together.

The Construction

Made from animal hide on the tops and bottoms, a distinctive hour glass shape is formed from leather cords and wood. The leather cords run the full length of the drum, connected the top to the bottom and attaching to the animal hide. It is played by the musician by putting put under the left arm and hitting the drum with the right arm using a bent stick or you can squeeze the the leather chords. This causes the drum to tighten and create a high-pitch noise.
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