Discover The Desert

The Great Sandy Desert, Australia

Kata Tjuta Uluru National Park

This national park encompasses one of Australia's most famous natural rock formations: Uluru. In fact, this red sandstone monolith stands 1,141 feet tall and is the second largest in the world! In addition to this, the Kata Tjuta domes are only a short walk away. What makes this park unique, though, is the cultural experience that it provides its visitors. The aborigines eagerly greet tourists, guide hikes and welcome others into their way of life.

Biome Information

Dryness and low precipitation rates are caused by strong wind currents. Dry, hot air rises at equator and moves North and South to 30 degree latitudes. There, it absorbs the water from the desert and carries it away. Eventually, it will cool and precipitate as rain. In addition, the rain shadow effect, distance from the ocean and ocean currents also cause the desert climate.