live through the language we all speak - music

MusiCountry - the perfect place for people let their musicality shine

In modern times, people tend to get caught up in the technicalities of life, the tiny issues that we turn into huge problems that engulf our lives. Instead of living lives like these, lost completely in the unpleasant details, you could live in MusiCountry, and learn to focus on the things that make life truly beautiful, like music.

In MusiCountry, music is held to a much higher standard than what it is in today’s society. Instead of being forced to learn core classes like math and history, people (specifically teenagers/people in the education system) with an aptitude for music and the already musically talented would be allowed to shift their main focus to their music courses, and have today’s core classes be more on the side. It would be at least somewhat like today’s society, just less aggressive, and the people living there would truly be able to focus on the beauty in life.

Who Lives There?

The people that will want to live there are the people who truly wish to focus on musical studies and learn more about music itself, like music theory, chord progressions, etc. These are the people who do not want to get lost in the small issues, in the tiny yet irritating thorns that forever poke you in the side, but want to lose themselves in the beauty of music, in the beauty of the world. Whether it’s performing in a concert or just jamming with your friends, genuinely feeling the music and really being in it is the best things in the world - and what the population of this utopia seeks.

In musicountry, is the american dream possible?

MusiCountry is the perfect example of the American Dream of the pursuit of happiness - what better way to achieve joy than playing your instruments or singing with people who love music just as much as you do? There was a novel I read over the summer called The Sky is Everywhere, by Jandy Nelson, and the way she wrote about the true beauty and passion that lives inside music, and makes it breathe, really opened my eyes to its power to make people feel a huge spectrum of emotions, especially happiness. And being able to achieve that kind of happiness definitely means living the American Dream.

Is musicountry like the world in F451?

Fahrenheit 451 is a classic dystopian novel, containing many different ideas and themes about life and what society should be like. When it starts out, the main character, Montag, truly believes he is in a utopia, truly believes he is happy. He is an enforcer of the government’s wishes, and does what he’s told without question until a peculiar young girl named Clarisse opens his eyes to the true world around him. While F451 is like my utopia in a few ways, like how the goal of the citizens is to be happy, people come to MusiCountry to have their eyes opened, not to have them glued shut. This, along with several other themes from the novel, severely contrasts with the ideals of my utopia.

First off, the government is in pretty heavy control of the society in F451. Children learn next to nothing in school, adults spend their days hypnotized and living in the screens that cover their living room walls, and books are the hated and feared enemy, causing competition between individuals and intelligence to bloom. In MusiCountry, intelligence and learning is most definitely not frowned upon - it’s encouraged, and supported. People go there to deepen their understanding of music and learn more about the theory behind it - knowledge is the goal, it’s not suppressed.

Second, my utopia features an escape from societies like the one F451. Although I’ve only highlighted it as an escape from places where insignificant problems dominate individual minds, it serves as a place to go when the world becomes either too harsh or too dull, like in F451. Unlike F451, it allows citizens to feel happy in the rawest sense, rather than be crumbling, but believing the shiny mask that you and everyone else wears.

Finally, since music is something so alive, and so real, it makes you awake and aware of the world around you. But in F451, the lack of books and intelligence acts as a sedative, a numbing agent, and creates a world where people lack understanding and awareness that they are. That is precisely what MusiCountry strives to avoid, because we wish to be aware, we wish to feel, we wish to be happy.

In conclusion, although F451 does relate to MusiCountry in the way that both societies wish their citizens to be happy, the differences of the ideals and themes outweigh the similarities by a lot. F451 holds a world where people are numb, from their hearts to their brains, and in MusiCountry, the feeling that music gives you in both makes it far different from F451.


Although MusiCountry does seem like the perfect place to live, it could be considered a dystopia by those who wish to remain ignorant, and “free” from the beauty, passion, and emotion of music. Even though those who are not musically talented are free to join, as long as they will work harmoniously within the society, there are still a minority of people who just would not enjoy living amongst the universal language of music.

One foreseeable problem would be the lack of people at necessary jobs, the jobs needed to keep society running. But in this utopia, the solution would be building machines to do those jobs, and letting anyone who did not wish to join MusiCountry to fill the rest of the positions.

Another foreseeable problem would be the lack of humans to do important jobs, like doctors, and lawyers, etc. However, MusiCountry does still teach all the subjects we learn today, just more on the side, so if a person wanted to enjoy music, and also become a lawyer, he could do just that.

MusiCountry - the place of Harmony

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By: Katie Fox