Comets & Asteroids


Facts about comets

-What is a comet? A comet is a celestial object from space that is made up of ice and dust, that orbits around in space. Comets are formed in space by dust with ice crystals. They are formed by the leftover material of other rocks and planets.

-Just like other planets comets orbit the sun. When the comets are seen from far away it looks like the comet has a tail that is a really light color, such as a light blue and purple mix. But when the comets are able to be seen from earth they look identical as seeing comets from space because they have the same shape and it still looks like it has a tail.

-Where does the tail come from on a comet? What is the tail made of on a comet? The tail on the comet is made of gas and dust, so technically a comet has two tails. One is made of dust and the other made of gas. Also the tails of the comet mainly point away from the sun.

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Comet Hale-Bopp

-This is the comet Hale-Bopp. This picture was taken on earth by Alan Hale,New Mexico, and Thomas Bopp, Arizona in the 20th century.

Facts about Comets Video

-This video is mainly about facts about comets in space. The creator of this video is a Astrophysicist named Eylene Pierz. An example of a fact from the video is that she informs you on what are the different tails. Also she explains the size range of a comet.


Asteroid Facts

-What is an asteroid? An asteroid is an object is space that is made of rock and orbits the sun. What's the difference between an asteroid, meteor, and a meteorite? Well unlike meteor's and meteorite's an asteroid is mainly found in the orbit of Mars and Jupiter. A near-earth asteroid that might hit the earth's surface and can cause serious damage.

-In 1490 about 10,000 people died in China because an asteroid hit and destroyed much of the land.

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Asteroid picture

This picture was taken

Asteroid Article

In this article they mainly try to figure out the star in the sky. They are figuring out if it's an asteroid or is it a comet. Who knows what it is?