Panda PAWS 1.1

August 16-20, 2021

BOY Information:

Need to contact an Administrator?

Tracy Gonzales: 214-616-5973

Jennifer Dickson: 469-510-7180

Please put our cell numbers in your phones. You may text us outside of work hours. We may not always respond in the evenings, but we will contact you first thing in the morning if needed.

Important Events for the Week:

August 16:
  • First Day of school! You may wear jeans and a Pierce shirt along with comfy shoes so families can identify you as a Staff member.
  • Parents may walk their child into your classroom.
  • Turn in copies of new Transportation Forms to Tracy.

August 17:
  • Parents may walk their child into your classroom.
  • Turn in copies of new Transportation Forms to Tracy.

August 18:
  • Parents may walk their child into your classroom.
  • Turn in copies of new Transportation Forms to Tracy.

August 19:
  • Independence Day! Parents drop them off at outside classroom doors, from now on.
  • Turn in copies of new Transportation Forms to Tracy.

August 20:
  • Spirit Day! Jeans & Pierce shirts for students and Staff.
  • Turn in copies of new Transportation Forms to Tracy.

Meet The Teacher Expectations:

  • IA's can choose to stay late and earn Comp Time.
  • If a student comes to your door, but is not on your list then please kindly refer them back to the office.
  • Have hand gel available in your room.

Paperwork for to give to Parents:

  • Welcome Letter
  • Transportation Form (they fill out and return)
  • Maps of assigned door for Arrival/Dismissal
  • Independence Day flyer
  • Car Tags: Each family should receive 2 car tags.

*Please keep extra handouts for new students as they enroll and join your classrooms.

School Spirti T-shirt sales for families:

T-shirts will be on sale in the Cafe during Meet the Teacher:

  • $10.00 for shirts with our newest logo (black & white shirts, red shirts and the baseball jerseys)
  • $5.00 for the limited supply of shirts we have with older Pierce logo.

Newest Logo:

Big picture

Old Pierce Logo:

Big picture

Arrival & Dismissal:

Parents will bring students to their assigned doors each day. Students will dismiss from those doors as well.

***This will be in place until our enrollment numbers no longer support these procedures, so they are subject to change. But we will be sure to give YOU and parents advanced notice.

There will be lots of District Support people outside helping families navigate their maps and find assigned doors.

Parents will be welcomed in Monday-Wednesday. We will kindly have them stay no longer than 7:45/12:15.

Marcela & Yasmeen will also be on the look out for cryers and those who are having a tough time adjusting to the first week of school. Please expect to see them both in your rooms often.

Car Tag Expectations:

Parents should have one in hand when picking up a child at all times.

Teachers will check transportation forms to make sure the adult with the car tag is on the Transportation form.

Please remind parents that although you get to know them well throughout the year, the Office Staff does not and will likely ask to see a photo ID for checking them out in the office in addition to the car tag.

Transportation Form Expectations:

Please make sure you collect a completed Transportation Form before they leave the Meet The Teacher event.

Make a copy and submit those to Tracy before you leave on Friday. As more are collected, continue to submit them to Tracy.

Remember, that buses are only provided for PK 4 students & ECSE students. Gen Ed PK 3 Buses are NOT provided.

PK 4 Teachers will have a QR code to share with parents for Bus Routes.

#EveryPandaEveryDay Weekly Prizes

Weekly prizes will begin the 2nd week of school. All students will get a fun prize every Friday regardless of their absences for the week.

#EveryPandaEveryDay is about building a love of learning and providing every child with outstanding and meaningful experiences every day. So on Fridays, we celebrate that we had a great week at school.

BTW: Panda masks were discontinued at Oriental Trading. Let's all have a moment of silence. We will continue to try to find fun new prizes. :)

Covid Protocols:

Here is the QR code for the updated 21-22 Covid Report Form.

Below is the Process Map for what to do if an Employee is experiencing symptoms or is a close contact of a positive case.

When you fill out a Covid Form for any reason, please send a text to Jennifer Dickson.

Calhoun's Comments

Hello! I am Donna Calhoun, your campus interventionist for speech and language. Click here for a short video that explains what to do if you have concerns for a student’s speech/language skills. Speech Concerns

Our Row The Boat Philosophy!

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