Spread Suffrage

Give women the right to vote and have a voice!

The Issue

Your wife, mother, sister, and daughters all have stayed in silent. With a proper voice in our community, women opinions are disregarded by the power of men. This may continue no longer.
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Join Us

We are a group of women apart of NAWSA, that plan to actually started to do things to get our goal acrossed and one day achieved. Many women have fought for this cause and already passed before they could get their voice. So we, here and now must finally make the change. We will except any women who are interested in our suffrage. So be apart of us while we make history and give us women a voice.
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Monday, March 3rd 1913 at 12am

Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest

Washington, DC

Come and support women, as we will be parading down Pennsylvania avenue!
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For the Men

For the men, who want nothing to change and think that it is best for only the men to vote. Tell your mother that. Tell you sister and your wife how they don't need a voice. Tell your daughters that they must grow and follow a man always. If you find this okay, see how they feel towards it. Women, as many think, shouldn't vote because they wont understand the matters. But women are being educated, some to colleges! We know what is happening in our county and we are entitled to our own opinions.