Micheal Bryson Malta

About me

I was born in Sugar Hill, GA. When I was 3 I had to move to Buford, GA because my brother was about to be born, and there was no room for him at home. My sister was born when I was 5. Also when I was 5 I had my first year in Sycamore Elementary. I discovered my love for engineering when I was 6. I was 7 when I discovered my interest of learning new things and I also moved to White Oak Elementary School. Sadly when I was 10 my mom threatened (in a nice way) to divorce, also at the same time I discovered my love for submarines.

A Day in a Life

I sat on the bus waving good bye as the yellow school bus of TERROR took me away!

We finally got off to our prison called school like always. I was half way through reading and I was done with all my assignments. The reward was a break in the library. I search the shelf for interesting books until I found one book that caught my attention, it was a book about submarines. I checked it out and raced to my class room so I could read it. My eyes were so stuck in that book I did not even listen to my teacher. I got home with something closer to my up coming future!

When I Think About 2012

I think the year of 2012 is important because 2012 was the year my life became clearer to me. I found out that I loved submarines, interested in technology, and my life became harder.When I think about 2012 I think of a new life and a new chance for me. Thanks to 2012 I am now opened to more information about myself and the world. If 2012 was different it would take me longer to know this much about myself. Though 2012 came with some down sides. I had to go through a mysterious divorce my mom started and it still going on.There is more for me now thanks to 2012!