Polar Express

Nickolas Cicchetti

Author illustrator

The author and illustrator are the same person. He is CHRIS VAN ALLSBURG.

Caldecott award winning year

it won in 1986

Interesting things about Allsburg.

He wrote:

the mysteries of Harris Burdick

the Polar Express


Just a Dream

the magic journey and many more.

authors purpose

I had this idea, this mental image, of a young boy who, perhaps while visiting relatives or something, hears a strange sound in the middle of the night, and he goes outside. It is a very foggy, misty night. He walks through these woods and sees a train standing still, just sitting in this kind of fog. Where is it going to go? Well, there are a lot of places a train could go and take a child, but where would a child want to go more than anywhere else? As I reflected on this mysterious train, it occurred to me that it must be a cold night, because the engine's steam is heavy. It might even be winter. Maybe some snow is falling. Perhaps it's December, close to Christmas, or even Christmas Eve. Then I asked myself the question again: where would a child want to go more than anywhere else on Christmas Eve?

The Caldecott was awarded to this book because...

The polar express was awarded because it was professionally illustrated.


Jumanji and the polar express are different.

The jumanji pictures are colorless, and the polar express has colorfull pictures.

Also the jumanji pictures are not as detailed as the polar express.

The Polar Express (2/5) Movie CLIP - Back on Track (2004) HD