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John of God Who Heals Through It Light and Entities Who Act On Your Behalf

John of God - is recognized as one of the most powerful healers deep trance world. Pay your body as a channel to more than thirty spiritual beings of light who, so to speak, they use it as a tool to heal all those who come to the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola in Abadiania, Brazil. The Crystal Bed Healing film describes some of its outstanding stories and investigates objectively documented as inexplicable as the supernatural interventions that take place cases.

What is behind this phenomenon charismatic medium, whose alliance with these spiritual entities turns into miracle cures that challenge conventional science? How an illiterate man of central Brazil could has become hope and refuge for people seeking healing and advice?

Today João is known worldwide as John of God (John of God), an unofficial title given to those who recognize their status person guided by a higher power. Over himself says that he does not have any ability to heal and it is only God who heals through it light and entities who act on your behalf to alleviate human suffering. As a medium ensures that has no memory of the healings that occur when features are embodied in it.