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Weekly Info About Our Year Long Art Class - Week 32

Hello again! Here's what's been going on in Art Class and what's coming up this week:

We are hopefully finishing up Module 15 with Mixed Media. A few folks are still catching up but should aim to turn in both Modules 14 (make-up work) and Module 15 by Monday. We will begin Module 16 on 3-Dimensional artwork on Tuesday! Please take note of the supplies needed below.

The 4 assignments in Module 15 are due Monday, April 11th by midnight.
Students will be creating a mixed media warm up on the theme of growth, developing their own theme in a more formal mixed media project, exploring Robert Rauschenberg's Erased DeKooning, and reflecting on their past artwork in a digital portfolio.

Progress Reports were released to schools Thursday, April 7th.
These reports will only feature the work completed in Modules 14 and 15.
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Supplies for Modules 15 and 16

In Module 15 we are taking on mixed media and in Module 16 we are going all out with 3-Dimensional art.

Students need access to the following materials:

  • unlined white paper to draw on.
  • digital camera to take photos of their drawings
  • acrylic paint (or watercolor paint or spray paint - avoid finger paint/poster paint as it is too transparent and rarely looks good for this project)
  • collage supplies - yarn, string, candy wrappers, movie tickets, scrapbooking items, tissue paper, newspaper, magazines, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, duct tape, stencils, etc.
  • markers/colored pencils/chalk - you'll need several different materials to work with but you get to choose the materials.
  • toothpicks or rolled paper tubes.
  • glue - Wood Glue, Elmer's or Hot Gun Glue
  • tape
  • Base for sculpture - Something that will hold the sculpture in position-paper or Styrofoam plate or bowl, scrap piece of wood or string to hang sculpture.
  • OPTIONAL: Marshmallows for toothpick sculpture instead of glue.

If for any reason you are having trouble gathering these materials for class, please contact BOTH me and your ELA at your school. We both want you to have access to everything you need to be successful in this class.

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Awesome Student Artwork

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Most of you are on target and are doing great in this class! A handful of you are struggling with due dates or content in this class. Please know there's always help available. We have an excellent Peer Tutor Center where you can get quick help on your specific art assignments, help with NCVPS technology, or even help with time management. Our peer tutors are students just like you that know how important it is to be successful in NCVPS classes. I want you to have access to everything you need to be successful in this class and will work with you through whatever issues come up. It's never too late to get help.
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