True friends are rare


What will you do if your friends just disappear? And you will be alone on this earth…

Yeah, you do nothing… You will sit there in your bed, doing nothing, all day long, week after week. It will bore you, it will drive you crazy. And if you get the chance to get them back, you have to take that chance and you have to fight for your friends, for their love, their friendship. Maybe you have sometimes an argument with them, but that is good. Your relation will be stronger after that. Never forget the good moments you had with them. And who will give you advice when you need it, who will listen to your problems? And the most important thing of all… Who will make all these beautiful memories with you? So never ignore your friends and if you have to fight for them, fight then, because if you don’t fight for them, you will lose your friends… And then you will be alone and you will remember that they were very important, but then it is too late… So fight for them! Because they deserve it!

Demi Lovato - Gift Of A Friend Official Music Video With Lyrics On Screen