Green Bay Youth Coed Flag Rugby

New for Summer 2013

Open to all area youth

What is Tag (Flag) Rugby?

 Tag rugby is a safe, fun and exciting form of non-contact rugby, suitable for both boys and girls of all age groups and abilities.The non contact nature of the game combined with the fun of the sport means children will enjoy tag rugby whilst developing skills such as; Passing, evading, handling and also a fantastic opportunity to be part of a team.Instead  of a physical tackle, tackles are completed by removing Velcro tags from the ball carrier.  Unlike Flag Football there is constant action and anyone can pass and run with the ball.. Tag rugby participants focus on the basic core skills of ball handling and running.Tag rugby can be played by experienced and non experienced players alike, with the added benefit of the social and excellent sportsmanship all mixed in.Give Green Bay Youth Rugby a Try! 


All forms and information can be found on the Youth section of our website:

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