Colonial America

Social Studies

The New England Colonies

New England life was partly different from the life people live now. Colonists lived in warm climates, with thin and wet soil, and had water as their natural key-resource of trade and transportation. They also had rocky soil for farming, which is one of their ways of earning money. Another job that colonists had was hunting whales for lamp oil, candles, and perfume. On the New England coast, ship-builders also built ships out of timber, and sometimes they earned money by fishing. Another thing that colonists did was clear trees for farming and to harvest timber. The New England colonies changed the soil by planting different crops for many years and the land had many trees and breezy water from the sea. Also, parts of their religion included that whoever went to church owned property, were the only people to vote at the meetinghouse and worship their chosen religion. Before New England, England was given by other colonies, new materials to make into products (such as timber into furniture) to make materials that England needed. Also, in New England towns, kids were required to have school. The Puritans made settlements in this colony, in fact, they established towns in the region and came for freedom of their religion, to worship who and what they wanted. Lastly, slavery begun in the English colonies.
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The Middle Colonies

Colonists also lived in the middle colonies. The colonies that are known as the middle for being located in the middle, traded with the New England colonies. Just as the New England Colonies, the Middle hunted whales, built ships, and fished to get some of their money. The Middle Colonies had a fairly warm climate with rich and fresh soil to plant and farm on. Colonists in this colony also planted and grew wheat to sell and dug up iron from the ground, while making iron one of their key-resources. In these colonies they traveled over water to trade, which is some cities colonists worked as merchants and traders. Others worked as sailors or dockworkers (people who loaded and unloaded ships), but most people found a way to earn money. Also, in these colonies people blocked rivers from fast-flowing water for gristmills to grind their wheat into flour as their culture. Their land was mostly farm space and their roof shingles were split logs. The early settlements in the Middle Colonies were the Delaware colonists, which became a Middle Colony. Delaware was a flat and had small rolling hills. The land in the Middle Colonies was rolling hills, rapids, and waterfalls.
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The Southern Colonies

Colonists also lived in the Southern Colonies. The Southern colony is the warmest colony out of the New England and Middle Colonies. The land in the Southern Colony was flat, but had rich soil, for which the colonists planted cash crops in, tobacco and rice. The land in the Southern Colonies also included fish and forests. The Southern Colonies also had a name for their large farms, which were called Plantations. Some of the colonies of the south were Georgia, Maryland, Baltimore, the Carolinas, and Connecticut, which were places of settlement for the Southern colonies. Connecticut was started since Thomas Hooker wanted everyone to vote and fought for the freedom of religion. A religion of the Southern Colonies, was that everyone there had to worship in Catholic churches. Georgia and the Carolinas were the early settlements of the Southern Colonies. Another thing, is that Georgia was know for the good relations with the Native Americans. Also, the Carolinas had good soil for farming, and South Carolina planted valuable crops, rice, and cotton, which made the city a trade center.
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In all the colonies, the land was the way that the colonists made it to be, whether they farmed, chopped down trees, or built houses and farms over the land they saw to be vacant. Also, settlers in Providence, were free to practice their religion in their own way, which started Rhode Island. Another thing is, that in all the colonies, their roof shingles were split logs. Also, in all the colonies, male settlers had a say in their government, but the Puritan leaders didn't put up with the disagreement that they had, since the Puritans had come for their religion rights. In Colonial America, the colonists communicated, in letters using quill pens, ink, and paper. Also, something that they all had in common was that they all bartered, or traded one item for another, with other colonists or neighbors, they also bought imports, a good from another country, and sold exports, something bought from another country, to make some money. An event that became known to all the colonists was called the Great Awakening, which took religion to the next level, where preachers traveled to teach colonists.


In Colonial America, New England was the only colony to at one point, to require school. The Southern Colony was the only colony that belonged to Catholic churches. In the Middle Colonies they dug their iron from the ground, which was their key resource. The New England Colonies had water as their key resource. The New England Colonies had a breezy warm climate and had rocky soil to farm. In the Middle Colonies, they had a warmer climate than New England, and had richer soil. The Southern Colonies had the warmest climate of the others and had flat land, with very rich soil and large farms called plantations. The Middle Colonies traveled over water to trade.