Capital is Montevideo

Summerization (due to 158 versus): We will die for liberty and freedom, and will protect their nation.

The Uruguayan national anthem is called the "Orientales, la patrio o la Tumba." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovHoqlRvi9o

terrain-plains and low hills, fertile coastal lowlands

Uruguay's climate is mild

Uruguay's population is about 3.3 million

Some of Uruguay's ethnic groups are caucasian/ European descent(93.2%); African descent(5.9%); Indigenous(0.4%); Asian descent(0.4%)

Uruguay's official language is Spanish

Uruguay's major industries are food processing, electrical machinery, wool, textiles, leather, leather apparel, beverages and tobacco, chemicals, cement, petroleum products, and transportation equipment.

Some of Uruguay's agriculture is beef, wool, rice, wheat, barley, corn, soybeans, fish, and forestry.

Jose Mujica is Uruguay's President and is also known as the worlds poorest president because he gives away 90% of his yearly income of $12,000 to charities to benefit poor people and young entrepreneurs.

The currency for Uruguay is the Uruguayan peso.

Uruguay's major religion is Mundi.

Historical facts: Uruguay was discovered by the spanish: when the spanish arrived, the found indians

Uruguay's government type a presidential system.

One of Uruguay's most famous actors is Natalia Oreiro.

One of Uruguay's most famous singers is Hugo Fattoruso.

One of Uruguay's most famous athletes is Abel Hernandez.

Uruguay's president is Jose Mujica.

The white symbolizes peace and honesty, and the blue symbolizes coastal water-vigilance, truth and loyalty, and preserverance and justice.

The literacy rate of Uruguay for people 15 and up is 98.61%

Clerico is a jell-o is drink with fruit in it.

The Uruguayan national anthem has 158 versus.