Lucretia Mott

Womens RIghts


About Lucretia Mott

January 3rd,1793~November 11th,1880.Lurcretia was born with the name Lurcretia Coffin.She attended Quaker Boarding School in New York once she graduated she worked as a teaching assistant.

Lucretia Mott Quotes

Later Years

After she graduated she married James Mott and they had 6 children 5 of them survived infancy. Her motivation for women's rights was when she became a Quaker she experienced some gender inequality.For example,they wouldn't let women speak in public.

What She DId To Get Women's Rights

Lucretia Mott started making speeches about inequality.Then she met Elizabeth Cady Stanton and they wrote the Declaration Of Sediments.

Her Death

Lucretia Mott died of Pneumonia. But, She left some legacies that most women will never forget. She gave women their rights.
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