School Conflict

By Hunter Avila, Tyson Mertz, Eric Mondragon

Leadership (bullying) - Hunter

When I asked Mr. Skrla if there has been more or less bullying this year than last he responded saying that there has been less reported. He stated that his thoughts on bullying was that school is no place for it. I asked him how he thought it effected our school he stated that it effected grades as a whole and other problems for teachers. The changes that Mr. Skrla would make would be helping kids cope with the bullying and to put a stop to it. I asked how he thinks bullying mentally effects a student and his thoughts were that it keeps students from focusing in the classroom and effects there grades. He also thought that the most common age that he sees bullying in was junior high.


A current national conflict in education is bullying. There have been many reports of this going on in school and it has been affecting kids in a big way. Bullying has been effecting kids mentally and causing them to not focus in class. This has resulted in the a drop in grades and a result in bad behavior. This conflict is shaping our future in a negative way. There have been many efforts but there has not been much done when trying to put a stop to bullying. If it is happening now then it will carry on into the future and become an even bigger problem. This will also result in more and more children following others and start bullying in and out of school.