By Michael oliver

Background and geographical info

The capital of Paraguay is asuncion. Asuncion is the largest city in Paraguay. Some of the other major city are cidudad del este and Pedro Juan caballero. This country was controlled by Spain. Then in 1811 Paraguay gained its independence. The official language of paraguay is Spanish. Paraguay is located in central South America. Paraguay has a lot of grassy plains but to the east is swampland or marsh. Paraguay got two rivers that border it the rio Paraguay and rio parana

Political and diplomacy info

Paraguay government is a constitutional republic. They have a president and his name is horacio cartes.

Economic and trade info

The currency is Paraguayan guarani. There enconmic system is capitalism. They import road vehicles tobacco petroleum and chemicals. They import goods from China brazil Argentina and the United states. They export soybean, feed, cotton ,mea,t edible oils electricity, wood and leather. They export to Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, and Russia.

Tourist info

People should visit Paraguay you can see different mural art on builds because they hold contest every year. You can also see diffrent animals
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This is some of the mural art in paraguay