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Africas Geography

atlas mountain

The atlas mountains go all the way from Morroco to Algeiria. These mountains Are about 1,500 miles long, that's long. The slopes that are facing north are covered with shrubbery with salt lakes. The atlas mountains are rich in minerals, coal, and iron. There is a lot more to the mountains than what i just explained.
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Mediterranean sea

The Mediterranean sea is the largest inland sea in the world. The Mediterranean sea is 965,000 miles long.The sea connects with the Atlantic ocean. The sea only has fish, coral, and sponges.
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sahara desert

the sahara desert is 3.500,000 square miles. it is bordered by Atlas mountains, and the mediterranean sea. the sand dunes only cover 15% of the sahara desert. rock or areas of coarse gravael cover 70%.
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Niger river

the niger river is 26,00 miles long. the niger river flows south, instead of north.
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