Disney Celebration Digest 2022-23

February 26, 2023

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Notes from Dr. Elliott

Dear Disney Families,

I hope this newsletter finds everyone healthy, enjoying time together and looking forward to wrapping up 3rd quarter in the next week and a half...ALREADY! I am not even sure where February started and ended?

This is usually an overwhelmingly busy time for everyone. We will have many events coming up and I will do my best to continue to share all the latest updates as timely as possible. Please continue to check in with your child's classroom teacher to get the latest information.

I have provided a link to a very interesting article of a parenting expert from CNBC.com about the number one skill that all students should be learning at home. I found this article very intriguing, considering we talk about self-regulation a lot with students in the school setting. Feel free to enjoy some reading on how to further help your child feel and experience success in all areas of life, not just school.

Number One Skill Parents Should Teach Their Children

JOIN US MARCH 7 @ 6pm in the Disney Diner to Learn More About Proposition S That Will Appear on April 4th Ballot

Please join Dr. Elliott and Stephen Hall, SPS Communications Director to hear about Prop S that supports the improvement of SPS facilities. Mr. Hall will provide information around the planning, implementations of improvements, as well as answer parent questions. We hope that you will join us on this date.

On April 4, SPS will ask voters to consider a request to issue general obligation bonds in the amount of $220 million for the purpose of completing projects that will impact all schools in the district.

If voters approve the request, there will be no increase to the district's debt service property tax level. A citizen task force recommended the projects to be funded by Proposition S. Please continue to follow SPS media and newsletters to learn more.


During this time, ALL students will be taking end-of-the-year assessments. 3rd-5th grade will be doing MAP testing at this time. Due to the short window and close proximity to the end of school, it is IMPERATIVE, students are present during this window.

Testing that will occur during this window:

  • Galileo District Benchmark Testing in ELA & Math K-5 -helps prep for next year placement & planning for how to best set students up for success; also helps summer school teachers)
  • Reading Benchmark K-5- This test provides teachers with the amount of growth and a proficiency level in Reading comprehension and fluency.
  • State Dyslexia Screener K-5- This test is only given to students who score 2 grade levels below in the Reading Benchmark and a Below Basic Score on Galileo. Both tests need to be given before the State Dyslexia screener is given.
  • MAP State Assessment ELA/Math 3-5th This test is the mandated state standardized test.
  • MAP State Assessment Science 5th grade only- This test is the mandated state standardized test.

Make-up tests must be complete in this window as well. If a child, especially in 3-5th grade is absent in this time, he/she will still need to complete the test missed, as well as the tests that are in progress. In order to help your child feel successful, please help them get to school on time and present the whole time.

Future Scheduled Neighborhood Block Party Volunteers

Wanting to volunteer? Please reach out to lmelliott@spsmail.org if you are interested in planning our next Neighborhood Block Party. The scheduled quarterly dates are:

3rd quarter- March 23

4th quarter- May 18

In this edition, you will find:

  • Citizen of the Month & MAD Skills Recognition
  • Read Across America Dress Up Schedule 28th-3rd
  • Upcoming Events for Your Calendar
  • PTA Events

Your partner in education,

Dr. Lori Elliott

Disney Principal


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Upcoming Partner/PTA Events & News

Get Your Yearbook Here!

Yearbooks are $15 unless personalized for an extra $5

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Upcoming Events


Feb. 27 RAA-READ A SILLY BOOK-Dress in silly clothes day!

Feb. 27 Storytime in the Diner 5:30 pm

Feb. 28 RAA- READ A BOOK ABOUT FRIENDSHIP! Dress like your friend day!


Mar. 1 RAA-READ A BOOK ABOUT AN ATHLETE! Wear your favorite sports team day!

Mar. 2 RAA-READ A BOOK ABOUT AN ANIMAL! Wear clothes with an animal on it or animal print!

Mar. 3 RAA-READ YOUR FAVORITE BOOK! Wear your favorite color!

Mar. 6 Rally of the Dolphins 8:15

Mar. 7 Prop S Meeting @ 6pm

Mar. 7-9 Kindergarten Registration (by appointment only)

Mar. 9 5th Grade Music Program 7pm (Doors open at 6:30 to Diner, 6pm for waiting area)

Mar. 9 Last Instructional Day of 3rd Quarter

Mar. 10 NO SCHOOL End of the Quarter Professional Learning/Work Day for teachers

ART Exhibits

February 15-March 14 @ Discovery Center

February 27-March 14 @ KAC Administrative Center

Mrs. Gott's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Moore's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Walker's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Williamson's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Brown's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Graffi's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Kennedy's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Snider's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Biellier's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Breshears' Rally Recognition

Mrs. Clearwater's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Lehman's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Blakey's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Hughes' Rally Recognition

Ms. Saxton's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Schmitz' Rally Recognition

Mrs. Adams' Rally Recognition

Ms. Hanson's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Hoffman's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Oliver's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Fogle's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Gentry's Rally Recognition

Mrs. Graves' Rally Recognition

Mrs. Langford's Rally Recognition