Questions About the Philippines

By Kavini Vithana

10 Questions

1. What is the area of the Philippines?

2. What are the main tourist attractions in the Philippines?

3. What is the currency in the Philippines?

4. What type of government do the Philippines have?

5. What is the time difference between Manila, the Philippines and Melbourne, Australia?

6. What are some animals that are native to the Philippines?

7. How many major dialects are spoken in the Philippines?

8. What are some typical foods which people from the Philippines eat?

9. What are some major exports of the Philippines?

10. Who are some famous people who have come from the Philippines?

10 Answers

1. 299,404 km².

2. Banaue Rice Terraces, Boracay, Chocolate Hills and Donsol are some main attractions.

3. The Philippine currency is 'Philippine Peso', one Australian dollar is 40.70 Philippine Peso.

4. People living in the Philippines are a republic

5. The time difference between Melbourne, Victoria and Manila, the Philippines is 3 hours.

6. Some natuve animals are the tarsier, Philippine eagle, toko, carabao and varanus.

7. There are 10 major dialects spoken in the Philippines.

8. Some typical foods eaten by FIlipino people include adobo, lumpia, sinigang and bistek.

9. Some major Philippine exports are cooper products, optical instruments and chemicals

10. Imelda Marcos (politician) and Paolo Montalban (actor)