Lisa ALVA - UTLA Board of Directors

Positive - Professional - Protected

Vote for an independent candidate

Unions work. Teachers’ unions across the United States are becoming professional associations that keep protections in place while supporting learning and teaching. UTLA can be one of them… but it’s going to take your participation.

I want to facilitate your participation in UTLA.


The Board of Education, local leaders and the general public should be aware of the good work you do every day. I want more of us – and you – to get the

public recognition we deserve for staying positive in these turbulent times.

· Chair, Professional Rights & Responsibilities Committee

· Three year member, UTLA House of Representatives

· Panelist: Education Nation, United Way Education Summit, PBS Insider, etc.


You’re a professional with years of education, experience and our youth’s best interests out front, every day. I want to help UTLA provide for your priorities. We can be creative about finding funding and models for developing career pathways and proper professional development, but we need leadership.

· 2014 Fellow, National Education Association

· 2011 Fellow, Education Pioneers/LAUSD

· Former member, Teacher Advisory Board, Educators for Excellence

· Former member, Board of Directors, Partnership for Los Angeles Schools

- Advocate, Online Voting in UTLA


In California, and especially in LAUSD, educators are facing real threats. We need the collective strength of UTLA to shelter us, while we care for our students. Elect a representative who fully appreciates what UTLA means for the future of public education.

L.A. Teacher Breaks with Corporate Reformers. Diane Ravitch’s Blog:

iPads and the Danger of Reform Fatigue. By Lisa Alva.