Trust us, we wont hurt you


Phishing and smishing are things that make you enter account information so another person can access the accounts and use them how they like; Usually to gain money. Usually appears as an email from bank or paypal stating your account will be urging you to do it now. Also your credit card is about to be terminated unless you click the following link. To avoid this don't click on suspicious links, go to the site using your own links if needed.

Retail auction fraud

A fraud in which you buy something and either it never it gets sent, or it's fake. An example of this is, you buy an i-Pad and get the box with a weight in it. To avoid this make sure to check the rating and reviews of sellers before buying from them.

Work at home

An ad that states that a person can earn a lot working at home, or they get a free 'blank'. When a person tries to sign up they either loose their money or are taught how to do the same thing. Ex: Stay at home mom earns $8000 a week and so can you! Click hear to sign up. To avoid this just ignore the adds.