Rich Hill

Sabrina Lopez


The purpose of documentary was to show readers whats its like in run down rural areas and show them the challenges these kids face. These are kids with dreams and ambitions like everyone else. Their background or where they came from shouldn't affect anyone's impression on them.

Defining the purpose

This documentary was made to give a dignified voice to people living in rural poverty. It creates a dialog about equal opportunity and inclusion. Lastly the main purpose is to invite viewers to respond on an emotional level and encourage them to be agents of change.

Meet the Boys

Achieving the Purpose

- In partnership with non-profit organizations, experts, and leaders around the country, the crew’s impact and engagement campaign for RICH HILL is still going strong. In 2014 alone, they had Engagement Events with the U.S. Department of Education, the Library of Congress, The Economic Policy Institute, Foodcorps, Boys and Girls Clubs, Kansas Action for Children, New America Foundation, Teach for America, and Nebraska Loves Public Schools.

- They opened theatrically in over 95 theaters and, with their Independent Lens broadcast on PBS, they’ve reached over 1.3 million homes.

- Rich Hill was the most popular documentary on iTunes and a Top Five documentary on Amazon.

- They are also a part of ongoing partnerships with The Full Frame Initiative, The Children’s Division of the Missouri Department of Social Services and Family-to-Family. They have shifted the conversation about low-income families and vulnerable kids across rural America.


I thought the documentary was very moving. I know that as a teenager living middle class I take things for granted like spending time with family and always asking for more than what I already have. This documentary actually made me want to do something.