• Season: Cool Spring
  • Highest Temp: 52 degrees F
  • Lowest Temp: 25 degrees F
  • Winds; High- 11 mph ; Low 3 mph
  • Precipitation: 1.58 in. cold rain
  • Humidity: Ranged between 60%-90%
  • Contact: Granddad Bob; It was cool and cloudy/humid. Kind of a rainy week
  • My predicted temperatures were a bit higher than the actual temperatures for the week.


  • The climate during the spring season is warm and humid with warm rains and cloudy overdraft.
  • The climate is the way it is because Shreveport is near a few lakes and the gulf of mexico so with the warm sun shining on the lakes it causes humidity and rain,
  • Latitude: 32 N; Horse latitudes (high pressure) closer to the equator
  • Larger city not prone to hurricanes
  • Shreveport is not in the mountains it is a busier city
  • Shreveport is near a few lakes one being Cross lake. It is on the Gulf of Mexico: This has an affect on the climate because it can change the humidity levels and the winds.
  • Currents: the currents that affect Shreveport are warmer currents because it is a little close to the equator
  • If you moved Shreveport more inland it would change the climate a lot. Shreveport is more rainy than others areas so by moving it more inland it would affect the precipitation and humidity quite a bit. It would still rain but not nearly as offend.