Zach's Book Article

Wolves of The Beyond, Lone Wolf by Kathryn Lasky


Some of the characters were Thunderheart (a grizzly bear), Gwynneth (an owl), and chieftains (leaders of the packs). There were also many packs of wolves. The main character was a wolf named Faolan who was raised by Thunderheart.


The setting takes place in an area called the Beyond. This place is a wooded area with some bodies of moving water throughout the woods. There are some volcanos in the Beyond and also open fields. There is another setting that is called the Outermost which is heavily wooded with some streams and creeks. There is not many fields in the Outermost.


The plot of the story is about Faolan being abanded from a wolf pack when he was a pup. He was later found by Thunderheart who took care of him. One day Thunderheart died during the winter because she left the den looking for Faolan. Faolan didn't find out about Thunderheart's death until near the end of his adventure alone in the wild by himself. At the end of his adventure, the chieftains wanted to kill Faolan thinking he had the foaming mouth disease. But when the chieftains found out that he didn't, they left him back in the pack.


I recommend that you read this book because it had many great parts in the book that got my attention. There were many slow parts in the book but this was only book 1 in the whole series. I would recommend that anybody should read this book.

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