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A cause to help save my brother Nicholas Feria

Living with Huntington's Disease

My brother was diagnosed with having the Huntington's gene about 5 years ago, a gene he inherited from his mother who has already passed from the disease. These passed two years the effects of Huntington's has become more debilitating for my brother to the extent where he is unable to care for himself leaving my father with the only option of quitting his job in order to care for him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The high cost of medical treatments and doctor visits has left us in a bind but want and need to provide the proper treatment for my brother so we can keep him in our lives for as long as possible.
Huntington's Disease affects the chromosome 4 which over processes an important gene about 3 times more than it's supposed to, causing neurological damage that leads to uncontrollable movements, muscle tension, speech impediment and more. The uncontrollable movements have sped up his metabolism so much that he is in constant jeopardy of losing too much weight and also makes it difficult for him to get any sleep. All these symptoms have lead to an overall downfall in his health but we are trying our best to keep him going.
We've recently discovered that magnetic treatments have helped astronomically where these magnets stabilize his movements when applied on his head and through a magnetic bed. The bed stabilizes his brain signals that reduce his constant movements and allow him to finally get the sleep he's been deprived of for years. These beds cost over $5000 and we believe if we could get one for my brother, it would help us keep him as healthy as we can by getting him the sleep he needs.

Thank You & God Bless.
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