The best kids books in the nation!

About Us!

We sell books to you that you should like! The reason we say this is because we are kids and we picked them out! We sell books for $10 each. We put in all of our effort to make this bookstore comfortable and relaxing!

Why Choose Us?

We are better than places like Barnes and Nobles because some of their books are $16! Ours are only $10! We provide low priced books for people who might not be able to afford Barnes and Noble. We have the best kids books in the nation! Don't beleive us? Kids picked the books out! Choose Us!

How Much Do We Need?

We need $5,000 to buy the laptops, the cash register, the store, the books (Which we will get from Scholastic), the pillows, the tables, and the chairs to keep you comfortable.


At Books, Books, and More Books, we have an essential supply of books that everyone will like! We provide laptops to you so you can find your desired books. We also provide chairs, pillows, and tables.

Our Demand

Lots of people need books for education. Some kids can't get the education they need because their parents can't afford things. Now they can get the opportunity to get good books for learning!

Some of Our Books Are...

Come on Down!

We are located by Sheridan's and Hobby Lobby! Read our books and have a great time! Hope to see you soon!