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History of Nike

Phil Knight was a track runner at Oregon University and when he finished there he wanted to start a running shoe company. That is when he signed with a shoe company in China called Tiger. After that he started his own company and it took off.

How It Started

Phil Knight knew he had to get some endorsements and the Summer Olympics so he went out and got Steve Prefontaine. That was his first major endorser. After that he got Michael Jordan and then Nike became HUGE and with sales prices booming they even started a brand just for Jordan himself. After all he is the GOAT

Then and Now

Over the course of many years, Nike has changed for better for worse. Then all the had were running shoes that didn't work in the cold to now being the biggest sports company in the world, featuring shoes for a lot of the sales. They went from just running shoes, then shirts and sponsors, And now with so many sports. even though they have changed, there biggest thing is still shoes.

Nike Shoes

2015 New York City Collection

Nike AIR

Nike Air was the first jogging or non track shoe added to the Nike lineup. The airbag was made to soften impact and help the athlete bounce back with there next step

Nike Basketball Endorsers

The Effect on the Community

It seems like Nike is the most popular and has the most effect on people these days because they have most of the best basketball players, they appeal to people, and shoes are there main product and people love shoes
Nike Website

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