Popcorn Sale

Only $1.00 for each fresh and delicious bag

Every Saturday in April

Eat some popcorn every Saturday in April. Ingles has agreed to sponsor us as well as The Popcorn Factory. The event will be held at North Windy Ridge School in the gym. Anyone who comes will receive a $5.OO gift card for Ingles popcorn. Please pick up your popcorn from 5:00-8:30.

Our Founder

Our founder's name is Edie Moyers. She will be in the NWR gym to collect donations. Tips are optional, but remember, they will only be taken if chosen by the purchaser of the popcorn.

Make sure to bring $1.00 for your bag of popcorn

Guaranteed to be the best in town

Frequently asked questions

One of the most asked questions is, "What does the money go toward?" The money goes to all different companies. More than 66% of the money goes to homeless families. Around 33% goes to schools in need. The money that goes to the schools can be used for whatever the school pleases. The money that goes to homeless families will be put to either housing or food [whichever the family chooses].

Join the club

The Popcorn Factory has a club just for the members who work at our own Saturday popcorn meet in April. If you are interested in joining, please contact us or contact The Popcorn Factory.