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Lakeside Elementary is where everyone is valued and respected. Our mission is to connect tradition with innovation, provide exceptional learning experiences, foster meaningful relationships, and inspire a passion for learning in a student-centered, safe and caring environment for all students, families, and employees.

Mrs. Smith’s Snapchat…

Hello Lakeside Families,

Welcome, 2021! I hope that you had a safe and enjoyable holiday break! While there will be ongoing disruption and recovery due to the pandemic, we have had a great first week back with students and look forward to soon being able to welcome some students back in person.

Today at 3:01 PM was the last day to make learning option changes for the 2nd semester. Second-semester schedules will start on January 19, 2021. Unfortunately, no requests received after this time will be approved.

As we prepare for receiving students back to in-person instruction and transitioning students to 100% virtual, you may see changes appear in your ParentVue (Synergy) and your student’s Canvas account. Some possible changes might be seeing a new teacher’s name appear on your student’s schedule or a new classroom dashboard tile in Canvas. Do not be alarmed by these changes. Once your student begins their new schedule on January 19th, you will see their accurate placement and correct teacher connections with Canvas and digital curriculum.

Looking forward to an outstanding new semester and 2021! As always, I thank you for your continued support of Lakeside Elementary! Take care, be safe, and have a great weekend!


Mrs. Smith

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20/21 Lakeside Yearbooks~ A Year to Remember


Virtual Support

It’s important for you to know how to get support if needed.

If you have any academic needs, you can access the following supports:

  1. Contact your child's teacher(s) for support. Teacher contact information is available on our school’s website under the Explore Tab, then select STAFF.

  2. Contact Mrs. Brown our school counselor, Mrs. Aldrich our Dean, or myself.

  3. Visit our district website's transition to virtual learning page for more information and resources.

If you have technology needs you can access the Technology Help Desk at Moorhead Community Resource Center from 10:00 - 2:00, Monday - Friday. 317-869-4321. All iPad concerns should be directed here.

January 15th will be the last day for extended hours at the Moorhead Chromedesk. Starting that following Tuesday, January 19th, our hours will return to 11:00am - 1:00pm.

District Website - Parent Resources for Virtual Learning

Click Here to check out the updated district webpage for lots of great information and resources about this transition to virtual learning.

Warren Food Distribution Continues

Starting the week of January 4, food distributions will occur Tuesdays and Fridays from 4:00 - 6:00 PM at Moorhead Community Resource Center, Warren Central High School, Creston, Raymond Park, and Stonybrook Intermediate Middle Schools.

Online Learning Enrichment Program for PreK-12 students at Purdue -West Lafayette

The following is the information for an online learning enrichment program for PreK-12 students at Purdue -West Lafayette.

The registration to enroll for the Purdue Gifted Education Research and Resource Institute’s (GER2I) Spring Super Saturday program held in February 2021 is now open! At these GER2I camps, students take challenging classes related to their area(s) of interest. We offer hands-on classes in a wide range of subjects, including STEM and the humanities, all designed to be one to two grade levels above traditional classroom content. These classes are taught by esteemed professors, graduate students, and teachers from Lafayette and surrounding areas.

GER2I's Virtual Super Saturday program provides learning experiences that explore advanced material and develop critical and creative thinking. We offer a caregiver-child format for children in PreK - 5th grades so caregivers can spend quality time and gain experience working with their children. This is required. The participation of caregivers of students in 6th - 12th grades is not required, but parents are invited to our parent interest sessions.

2021 virtual spring Super Saturday program will fall on February 6, 13, 20, 27 in 2021. REGISTER ONLINE at: The registration fee per student is $145. All the students are eligible to enroll, with no prerequisites.

Our 2020 Spring Super Saturday courses are:


Icky, Sticky, and Fun


Kitchen Chemistry

STEM at Home: Forces & Motion


Colonizing Mars

Fun Filmmaking

The Magical World of Harry Potter


Games with Python®

Get Protected from COVID-19: A Biomimetic Engineering Challenge

Psychobabble: Let’s Talk Neuroscience!


Python® Programming for the Future

Brainiacs! Neuroscience Highlights

Please visit our Facebook or email Yao Yang at for more information!

For more information about Spring Super Saturday program, please visit our website

Message from Dr. Hanson 1/6/2021)

Click here to read a message from Dr. Hanson:

Notes from Nurse Wolf

  1. COVID Testing Sites for Students: If you feel you need to have your student tested for COVID here are a couple of sites who do testing on students. These are on the Southside, I have not gotten a list for the east side yet.
  2. WALMART - GREENWOOD - Register over the phone at 1-800-635-8611. NO CHARGE. Tests any age.
  3. INDIANA IMMEDIATE CARE (US 31 across from Walmart) - Register over the phone upon arrival in the parking lot (317-883-7712). NO CHARGE. They have Spanish/Burmese/Chinese interpreters. Tests age 5 and up.

Warren Township Parent and Caregiver Resource Page

The Warren Township Parent and Caregiver Resource Page has been updated to share information on our learning management system, accessing student information via ParentVue and a few other topics on how we connect our families with their student's learning.

Parent VUE Portal

Synergy has a ParentVUE portal that parents can use to monitor students grades, attendance and discipline. Parents can view their students "Warren Password" on the ParentVUE Student Info tab. Parents can click on Student Info and then scroll to the bottom of the page. They will see their students' passwords right below the bus information.

Need help creating your account?: Click here for assistance

Technology Helpdesk:

Technology Helpdesk:

If you have any technology needs, you can access one of the following supports:

  1. Technology Help Desk at Moorhead Community Resource Center at 8400 E. 10th Street, in back of building from 10:00 - 2:00, Monday - Friday. iPad concerns should be directed here.

  2. Submit a help ticket through IncidentIQ by clicking on Technology under the Explore Tab and then select Parent Tech Info.

  3. And always please feel free to call us here at Lakeside and we will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

Moorhead Community Resource Center

If you have other needs beyond what is being provided, you can access of the following resources:

  1. Once again contact our school counselor or our administrative team.

  2. Share your request through our outreach hotline at 317-608-0545 or email at

  3. Visit our Moorhead Community Resource Center. Monday / Wednesday / Friday - 8:00 - 4:00 or Tuesday / Thursday - 8:00 - 8:00.

Our next food distribution will be Friday, December 4th from 4:00 - 6:00 PM at Warren Central High School, Creston, Raymond Park, and Stonybrook Intermediate Middle Schools, and Moorhead Community Resource Center. Food is available for all children 18 or younger. Children do not need to be present. If you are picking up multiple meals, you are encouraged to bring a bag or box.

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Student Devices

We are excited to provide students with technology to enhance their learning experiences in the MSD of Warren Township. Each student K-4 is assigned an iPad for virtual and in-person classroom use. Devices will be kept at school and charged in a classroom cart. Students are responsible for the proper care and use of their device.

Each device is covered by a district-sponsored insurance program for damage. This keeps charges for both intentional and accidental damages low. Both purposeful and accidental damage will be charged at a reduced rate.

Repair ~Family Charge




More than 3-The actual cost of repair or $50

Lakeside Dress Guidelines

Just a reminder that Lakeside is a uniformly dressed school. Click this link below to download the current Lakeside Dress Policy for the 2020-2021 school year. Please contact the office with any questions.

Student Success Handbook

Warren Parents and Caregivers, here is the link to our Student Success Handbook. This handbook is updated every year to include information about how we keep students and staff safe at school, along with resources for families to access as well as information on district procedures and policies. This handbook is also shared with students. Please take a moment to review and complete this as an acknowledgment that you have received the handbook. Please reach out if you have any questions.

School Hours

Buses/Cars Unload 7:55am 8:05am School Begins

3:05 School Ends 3:10 Buses Depart

Students will not be released from vehicles or school buses

before the a.m. start time. Students must remain in their

vehicle until a Lakeside staff member signals their release.

When a student arrives late, an adult needs to escort

the child to the front door to be buzzed in (no drop-offs). Students only will come to the front office where they will receive a late pass before going to class.

Attendance Calls

Attendance: 532-2850 Parents, please call by 9:00 am each day to report an absence. Please leave the name and room number of your child, your name and the reason for the absence. Please send a note/doctor’s note back to school with your child.

Stay Connected!

Please continue to monitor our website, mobile app, school newsletters, and our social media accounts for updated information. If you haven’t already done so, please consider following Lakeside on Twitter and/or Facebook…

Twitter: @Lakeside_Lions

Facebook: @LakesideLionsDen

School Webpage:

Warren Township App: The Warren app can be downloaded at the Apple and Android App Store.


Respect for Diversity

Academic Excellence

Commitment to Community

Personal Learning Experiences

Equitable Access to Opportunities

Strong and Supportive Relationships

Warren App!

Lakeside Families, stay informed with the latest Learn at Home information, staff contacts, social media access, and news updates. It’s everything Warren Township, in your pocket. Download the app on Android: or iPhone:

CAR RIDERS/DAYCARE Student Drop-off/Pick-up Procedures

We ask that our parents follow these guidelines to ensure that every student has a safe arrival and dismissal:

All students will be required to be dropped off and picked up through the car rider line to maintain safety standards. Parking at the front and East end of the building and walking children to and from the entrances will not be allowed. We want to prevent children and adults walking through the path of cars or buses on the property at any time.

Staff members will be present outside beginning at 7:55 a.m. each morning for student drop-off. Please do not release your children until a staff member signals the beginning of our process. Students will not be counted tardy until 8:05 a.m. Our afternoon pick-up procedures will begin at 3:00 p.m. If you are in a hurry, you are encouraged to be at or near the front of the line. We will implement our dismissal procedures as quickly and safely as possible for all.

Thank you very much for your support with helping ensure Lakeside maintains safety as our priority during our student entrance and dismissal each day!



The occasion may arise when the school district wants to recognize your child or your child's school. This may include your child's photo, your child's name or your child's work in district publications, newsletters, on school district websites, and in electronic/social media or in staff training videos. We may also want to tell the media (including newspapers, television, and radio) about your child's achievements. We never knowingly release information about a student to anyone who wants to use it for commercial/political purposes. However, we will honor your request to not include your child in these types of recognitions if you notify your child's school office in writing that you do not want this type of information released.

On Thursday, January 21, 2021 let's raise money for Lakeside while sharing a meal with the ones we love.

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