By Peter Janisch


In the early 2000s Evan Williams started a company called Odeo this service was used by taxi drivers to easily communicate. Because this was a free service Williams wasn't making any money and decided to embark on a new adventure. His idea was to make a free service that people use to easily communicate with freinds but also make money off it.


At first at Odeo there was only 10 workers that were former cab industry workers. Then they released Twitter to the public. Now 100s of 1000s of people use twitter.


One impact Twitter had was people planned protests in the middle east to change their unfair governments. Another is that before Twitter people had to text everybody they know. With Twitter you can send 1 message to as many people that follow you.

Evan Williams

Evan Williams is an American computer that has founded multiple internet companys. The most famous one is Twitter. He also founded Square which is a peripheral for smart phones that customers can swipe their credit cards into. His net worth is 2.9 billion dollars which puts at the 225th richest man in America
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The best seller would be the smart phone app it has 974 million downloads across the world. The most important product is the actual website and app because thats how they make money.
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Twitter, faster than earthquakes