MEVA Connector

January 2016

We are working together to create success for MEVA students.

Welcome MEVA staff to the new year! This is the first edition of the MEVA Connector in 2016.

Second semester is right around the corner and we have learned so much since the opening of MEVA in September. Take some time to reflect on successes, no matter how big or how small.

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End of Semester Important Dates:

1/08/2016- All empty grade slots must be zeroed out in your gradebooks

1/15/2016 - Last day of live session new content classes

1/18/2016- School will be closed to celebrate M.L. King Birthday

*****Sessions normally held on 1/18/2016 will be moved to 1/22/2016*****

1/22/2016- Homerooms and PD will be canceled due to classes

1/19/2016-1/22/2016- H.S. Teachers should prepare students for exams & assist students with their areas of need to raise grades

1/19/2016-1/27/2016- Final Exams will be accessible

1/27/2016- Every student must turn in all work for first semester credit by midnight

1/28/2016-1/29/2016 – No classes (PD Work days)

1/29/2016 -All teachers must finalize grades by end of the day

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News from the Family Academic Support Liaison:

Number of students' referred as of 1st Semester: 23

Number of Back on Track plans in place: 17

Number of students withdrawn: 4

Number of students with no contact: 2

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What does your FASL do to support students in second semester?

Currently enrolled students will continue to stay connected to the Family Support Liaison as we move into the second semester. I will continue to make contact with families to ensure that they have a strong start and understand the expectations going into second semester. I will continue to have conversations with the students and their families about the importance of logging into classes daily, checking kmails, completing assignments, and attending Class Connect sessions. This gives them the tools they need to thrive in an online learning enviornment!