LP/HT Trap Shooting Team


LP/HT Trap Shooting Team

Any Lester Prairie or Holy Trinity student in grades 7-12 who have their Firearms Safety Certificate can join the LP/HT Trap Shooting Team. Contact Mr. Bjork at bjork@lp.k12.mn.us or at (612) 245-0011 for more information

Every Sunday @ 3:00 p.m. starting April 3, 2016

The team practices and competes at the Lester Prairie Sportsman's Club. No other traveling is involved. All rounds are shot at our home field. A State Championship Shoot will be held in Alexandria, MN the week of June 14-21, 2016. Our day for shooting will be announced in late March. There will also be a State Tournament sponsored by the MSHSL on Saturday June 25, 2016 in Prior Lake, MN

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What do I need to join?
Every team member MUST have their Minnesota DNR Firearms Safety certificate

What does it cost?
Every team member pays a $40.00 school activity fee. Team members are required to
purchase a team t-shirt (approximately $15.00). And, each team member will need at least
3 cases (30 boxes or 250 rounds) of ammunition (approximately $180.00).

I don't own a gun. Can I still participate?
Yes. It is better if you have your own gun but, if you don't there are some available for

My gun is really old. Can I still use it?
As long as your gun is in safe working order and does not have a damascus barrel, it
should be fine. NO EXPOSED HAMMERS are allowed.

Do I need to go out a buy a new gun?
Not necessarily. Guns used in Trap Shooting can be pump action, break action, or
semi-auto. Generally, most shooters use either 12 or 20 gauge. As long as the gun
is in safe working order, you should be fine. Remember NO EXPOSED HAMMERS.

Where do we go and who do we compete against?
All of our rounds of shooting take place at the Lester Prairie Sportsman's Club in
Lester Prairie, MN. We shoot all of our practice and competition rounds on our home
field. Scores are submitted electronically weekly. The teams that we compete against
are determined by the number of members on the team. Classes and Conferences are
announced about 1 week before the season starts.

Is Trap Shooting a Minnesota State High School sport?
No, the MSHSL does not sanction Trap Shooting as an official school sport. However, the
MSHSL does sponsor a State Tournament in June

Can I earn a Varsity letter?
YES. Both Lester Prairie HS and Holy Trinity HS consider Trap Shooting as an official school

Are there eligibility requirements?
YES. In addition to having your Firearms Safety Certificate, team members MUST maintain academic eligibility and stay clear of any alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. Even though Trap Shooting is not a MSHSL sport, Lester Prairie HS and Holy Trinity HS require that participants follow the same eligibility requirements as any other sport.
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