Ms. Ingle's Messages

Week of October 12

Fun Run!

This Thursday is our Fun Run! We are working hard to raise money for our school. This is a big event and will be held at Memorial Stadium, (OFF CAMPUS). We will need each student to return their signed permission slip so that they might attend the event and participate in all the fun!

Some students have expressed concern about entering pledges online. Please let me know if you are having any trouble with this, so that I can correct the error on my end.

As we gather pledges, student earn personal and class prizes...among them: extra recess, additional time in specials, teachers in strange costumes...THIS IS GONNA BE FUN :)

Muddy Sneakers

Our first trip for Muddy Sneakers will be Friday, October 30. Our second trip will be Tuesday, November 3. These events are close together and we will need parent volunteers to attend each one. Please let me know if you are willing and able to attend either or both off-campus field trips.

upcoming events

Fun Run!--Thursday, October 15

Picture Day--Friday, October 16

Early Release--Friday, October 16

Fall Festival (5th Grade Haunted House)--Friday, October 30


As we dive deeper into our science curriculum, the teachers sometimes get a chance for additional learning too! This past weekend, Ms. Zunguze and I spent a chilly day on top of Purchase Knob in Haywood County. We were able to participate in the launch of a weather balloon and track it to over 60,000 feet! We also helped gather field data on local salamander populations. Please enjoy the following pictures from our time on Purchase Knob.


We are moving right along in our study of decimals and parts of numbers. This week we will move into representing powers of 10 using whole number exponents. If you would like a refresher, please enjoy the following video link.