2MU News

Week of June 8, 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope you had a great week. 2MU has been very busy filling each of our final days with fun, engaging, and educational experiences. Read on to learn more about all our experiences this week.


  • We read Now and Ben. We used our comprehension skills to compare and contrast events of the past with events of today. We also learned more about Benjamin Franklin's inventions and how they have evolved over time.
  • During Grammar, we learned about prepositions including prepositional phrases that tell when and where.
  • As part of our phonics skills, we learned more about words with the long vowels pattern o and e.


  • We began to write our informational reports on the Rain Forest Creature we researched.


  • We completed Unit 11~ Whole Number Operations Revisited. We took our Unit Assessment.
  • We began Unit 12 ~ Year End Review and Extensions. We reviewed the calendar, months and days in a year, as well as telling time.


  • All of our Painted Lady Butterflies emerged from chrysalis
  • We released our Painted Lady Butterflies into the school garden. The Butterfly Bushes served as a new home for the butterflies.
  • We FaceTimed with my sister, Gina. She lives in the rain forest on an island called Dominica ~ located near Venezuela.

Other Activities

  • We completed the Fun Run for the Boosterthon. The children had a great time walking laps. The DJ provided some fun music to boost our energy level. The Boosterthon team did a great job helping us learn more about serving and respecting our community, neighbors, and ourselves.
  • 2MU continues to show get involved in our home, school, and neighborhood by doing good deeds to help others. Be sure to check our out our photos below...our display board has many flowers listing all the we've helped out our community members.
  • We celebrated Lizzy Haddon Spirit Week...see photos below from Disney Day

Our Painted Lady Butterflies Emerged~ June 8, 2015

Boosterthon Fun Run~ A Good Time Was Had by All!

Our Visit to the School Garden

We divided our class into 3 groups. Each group had a chance to water the plants and sample some lettuce. Each group also planted the marigold plants we grew from the seeds we collected in the fall. Thank you to our awesome parent volunteers: Mrs. Spellmeyer, Mrs. Thomas, and Mrs. Przybylski for all their help. A great big thank you to Jenny Fipp and Lynn Raus for helping us organize our garden visit.

We completed our visit with a tasty frozen treat provided by Mrs. Thomas! Yummy!

Releasing Our Painted Lady Butterflies

2MU Getting Involved~Helping in Our Home, School, and Neighborhood Community

Pictures From Our Face Time with Gina in Dominica~ Rain Forest

Spirit Week ~ Disney Day