Free Nick

Don't Be Scared Homie

What Happened?

Back in January the UFC hosted a pay-per-view event UFC 183 headlined by a fight between Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz. When the fight had ended Silva received a very emotional victory (having returned from a devastating leg injury just one year earlier). After the fight reports surfaced that both Anderson and Nick had failed their pre-fight drug tests. Anderson's tested positive for steroids, whereas Nick tested positive for marijuana. Anderson's trial was completed recently and his punishment was a one year ban from competition in the UFC. Nick's punishment was a FIVE YEAR BAN.

Why It's Wrong?

Now normally that may seem justified because this is his third time he failed a drug test, but one fact that people are ignoring is Nick took three tests the night of the fight, the first and third were taken by WADA (an accredited lab), the second was taken by Quest Diagnostics (a different independent lab). The tests from WADA came back below the illegal limit. The Quest Diagnostics test came back well over 10 times higher than the others. So obviously something is wrong with that, considering you would have to drink around 30 glasses of water to dilute your urine that much. If your unfamiliar with Nick Diaz he is currently 32 and doesn't fight often to begin with so basically the Nevada State Athletic Commission has sent him into retirement because of a personal vendetta.

What You Can Do.

If you think that this situation is as unjust as I do go to this link and sign the petition to help get this NSAC ban lifted.