Monthly Curriculum Update

November/December Edition

STAAR Board Report

At our ECT meeting this month, they shared with us the information that they shared with the board. There were many celebrations from the board report, but the biggest one was in regards to math scores.

3rd Grade - All 23 campuses increased scores on Math STAAR. 21/23 increased by 10 or more percentage points. Of those 21, 6 increased by 20 or more percentage points.

4th Grade - 17 out of 23 campuses increased on Math STAAR.

5th Grade - 19 out of 23 campuses increased on Math STAAR.

*Stay the course!!! I know that Bridges takes time to prepare and it is a lot, but it is worth it! We are already seeing AMAZING results in only ONE year!*

"Look Fors"

The curriculum teams have been busy writing "Look Fors" all year long. There is currently a draft of "Look Fors" for Math and Writing. The purpose of these is to help teachers ensure that they are following the LISD Elementary Non Negotiables. Once the drafts are finalized, I will share with you what they have come up with! This is all things that you are already doing!

Vertical Alignment